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Tamira's Pregnancy Journal

Week 34
~ Comparisons

I have been reading through my old journal that I did while I was pregnant with Violet, just to compare the two pregnancies. I have to tell you that I think that I may have it better this time around as far as my aches and pains go. Not to belittle the aches and pains that I have now, but there are certain ones that obviously plagued me worse before. Such as swelling. My feet are swollen right now, but I can still wear my regular sized shoes (well, most of them). I haven't been able to do that in any of my other pregnancies. Before I got pregnant with Brooke, I wore a size 7 1/2 shoe. During and after I had her I was an 8. With Rachel I started as an 8 and then was swollen up to a 10W the last 2 months and went to an 8 1/2 after she was born. I have been an 8 1/2 ever since. While pregnant with Violet I was swollen to a size 10 again, but later rather than sooner I returned back to an 8 1/2. But now, at week 34, I am still an 8 1/2, a tight 8 1/2, but an 8 1/2 none the less.

And then there is the heartburn. I have had horrible heartburn with all of my pregnancies, and I have it with this one as well, but again, it must not be as bad because I have not made it to the phase when only guzzling Mylanta will work. In my last journal, I was already "hitting the bottle," so to speak, for several weeks by now. Not only that, my heartburn was preceded by these huge hiccups that were so loud and embarrassing. I have definitely not had those this go round.

Now the hemmorhoid several weeks back was a new one. I thought that I had that before, and maybe I did in a very mild form, but nothing like what intuded upon my person this time. Enough about that.

It just goes to show you that when the books, web sites, and doctors tell you that each pregnancy is different, they are right.

On a different note, Gary is coming home on Thursday (October 16)! Hooray!! We are having Violet's birthday party on Saturday and he will get to be here for that. It has been four weeks since he has been home. That is a long time! Too bad he will have to paint Violet's room and put together her swingset while he is here. Not to mention pulling baby items down from the attic. It seems like we always work him to death when he comes home, but I can't help it if we have to squeeze all we can out of him while he is here. We only get him every few weeks for a couple of days at a time. Besides, this is his last visit before the baby is born. We have to get it all done. He doesn't mind. It makes him feel needed, and he is. I try to make it up to him with romance and food. You can't go wrong with that. After being out on the road so long, those are the two things he needs most when he gets home. Believe me, with all of the cooking that I do when he is here, I am exhausted when he leaves. I try to pamper him with his favorite meals while he is here, and then the last night before he leaves, I always cook 5 - 6 different meals for him to take on the road, and some type of homemade dessert. Those usually last him about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks before he has to start on the sandwiches and chef-boy-r-d.

Oh, well, I guess that is enough for week 34. I have a doctors appointment on the 16th too, so I will update you then.

~ Tamira

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