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Week 35
~ Soft Yellow

Violet is 2!Well, I have made it through another busy week. It started with Gary coming home on Thursday. Ya-hoo! It has just been too long since I have seen him. It doesn't matter how many times you talk to each other on the phone each day, it does not make up for face to face time, lips to lips time, etc.

After he got home it was off to the doctor for me. Everything looked normal/good. For the first time this whole pregnancy I didn't gain any weight. I am measuring a week ahead so far in this pregnancy. I figured I was at least that if not more. This baby feels really big and really low. He is definitely a mover and a shaker though. He never disappoints me on movements. I never have to wonder if baby is doing alright in there because he is constantly giving me reassurance.

Violet in her sa-wing!This weekend we had Violet's second birthday party. I think that it was a success. Lots of family showed up, and she absolutely loved her "sa-wing" set. She played on it all day. When she woke up from her nap the very first thing she said was, "Go sa-wing now." Too cute. She had a princess themed party. Instead of just Ariel, she got them all. She liked wearing her tiara. I am attaching some pictures. She also loved having her Daddy home too. She thinks that he can do no wrong, let me tell you. When Gary is home, he is the first thing out of her mouth each morning. "Daddy home." The first morning after he goes back to work she will wake-up and say, "Daddy home," and I have to tell her that Daddy went back to work. Then after that she will walk around all day pointing out things that belong to Daddy. "Daddy's pillow," "Daddy's coffee," "Daddy's chair." It is cute and sad at the same time.

Well, like I said in my last entry, we worked Gary like a dog while he was home, but we managed to get a lot done. He painted Violet and baby's room. That was a bit of a nightmare, and I must take full blame for it. The walls that we were painting were a lime sherbert color, not very dark, but lime sherbert. I had originally planned to paint said walls a soft sage green that would match the greens in Violet's new bedding and the baby bedding. However, when all of the bedding arrived (I ordered it from a catalog), the greens were not the same color as they appeared in the catalog. They were quite different as a matter of fact. So different that I could not find a green color that would have matched them both. But because I was trying for a froggie theme instead of a green theme, I decided to keep the bedding and paint the walls a soft yellow. Both bedding sets had yellow in them, so it was a good compromise. With that said, let me tell you, when you are going from a lime sherbet to a soft yellow, it is very important not to cut corners. You need to prime the wall. While I was standing in line at the hardware store waiting for my soft yellow to be mixed something kept gnawing at me to buy the kilz. But in all of my stubornness, I reasoned that after 2 coats of the yellow, you wouldn't be able to see green. WRONG!! We put four coats of paint up on that wall, and while my husband swears that he just sees yellow, I am still seeing a slight lime sherberty hue, peeping out through my soft yellow walls. Maybe it is just were some of the green paint got on the ceiling the last time that he painted in there, but I don't know. I think that I will have to get an outside opinion, however, what will that accomplish? I am not re-painting, and Gary won't be home for another three to four weeks, and it won't be to paint then. You know, the more I write, the more yellow those walls look. Yes, definitely a nice soft yellow . . .

~ Tamira

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