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Week 36
~ Challenges

This week started off with a doctor's appointment on Thursday, Oct. 23. Everything was pretty normal. I am scheduled to go in to have an ultrasound on Thursday, Oct. 30th, to get an estimate on the baby's weight. I am excited about that. He feels humongous. This is the first pregnancy where my belly button has begun to stick out. It usually just flattens out, but over the last week it has become an outie.

And Braxton Hicks, you ol' devil you. These little "painless" contractions have really started to make themselves known this week. It seems like every time I bend over or move suddenly or pick up something, like Violet, I will have one. They are mostly just annoying right now, and seem to come on whenever I am trying to get something accomplished. Go figure.

The weather has also begun to turn quite chilly here, which really stinks since I only have 1 long sleeve maternity shirt, and 2 pair of pants, one being cropped. Needless to say, I am doing laundry several times a week now, and putting to use several non-maternity sweaters. I just cannot bring myself to buy anymore maternity clothes when I only have a few weeks left. Besides, in Georgia it'll probably be back in the high 70's by next week.

Well, it is time for my 2 year old to conquer her last obstacle before the baby's arrival. Violet has already conquered giving up her pacifier with ease. She is potty trained with less than 2 accidents per week. She has turned 2 years old with no problem. And now, the hardest of all . . . sleeping in a "big girl bed". For several weeks now I have been looking for a twin bed for Violet. I have been to yard sales, thrift shops, and even looking in sales papers. I have not found anything. Then, I decided to go to a clearance outlet store that I have never been to before. They had one twin bed. It was not white wood like I was looking for, but it was just what Violet was looking for. It looked like they took it straight out of a cartoon. It was a Winnie the Pooh bed, and it was so neat. It has a mural of Winnie the Pooh on the solid wood carved headboard, and painted-wooden honey pots on all four posts. It is adorable. When Violet saw it she immediately ran to it and said, "Violet's bed! Violet's bed!" And laid down on it and said, "I go night-night now." After that display, I knew that this was the bed for her, even if it was not in the budget, even though it was on clearance and marked down 60 percent of its original price. So I called Gary and told him what Violet had done, and without hesitation he said, "Get that bed." So, needless to say, we may be eating Ramen noodles for the next month, but Violet got her Winnie the Pooh bed.

Now the next problem. The bedding. I have been planning on going with a Froggie theme for the room since we found out we were having a boy. I have already purchased twin bedding for Violet and baby bedding for baby. Luckily I always save my receipts. So I will be taking back my frog/ducky themed bedding and looking for Winnie the Pooh, our new theme. I have already found a comforter for Violet, I just have to get a bedding set for baby.

And lastly, getting Violet to sleep in her new bed, the biggest challenge of all. Now, I truly did not think that this would prove to be as big of a challenge as it has been. After all, Brooke and Rachel both took to a "big girl bed" with ease, not once getting out of it during the night. Surely Violet will follow in the footsteps of her two big sisters and take to this awesome budget-breaking bed right away. I mean, Brooke and Rachel never had a Winnie the Pooh bed. How stupid I was to believe such a farce. Violet has indeed pushed me to my limits. The first night she probably got up a total of 10 times, playing with toys, or turning her light on and off, even taking off her clothes in one instance. The second night I thought for sure she would go right to sleep because she didn't get a nap that day. WRONG!! The third night she slept all night without getting up. "Wow!" I thought, "she is cured of getting up!" WRONG!! The next night she was getting up AGAIN, only making it worse this time was the fact that she was taking long intervals (15 to 20 minutes) in between getting up. Just enough to let you relax and think that she was finally asleep before you would hear the tell-tell thump of someone in there playing. I don't know how she is playing, because I took her night light out on day 2. She has done better the last couple of nights, but is getting up at 4 a.m. to go potty. Fine. I'll take that, for now anyway.

On a sad note, my father-in-law was put in the hospital on Monday. He is in ICU and on life support. They have diagnosed him with congenitive heart failure, and has fluid built up all around his overly enlarged heart and in his lungs. They are saying that it will be a miracle if he can pull through this. Not to mention that he is about 5' 6" and weighs about 500 pounds and that is no exaggeration; he really weighs right at 500 pounds. He has always been big since I have known him, but over the last year or so, he has been in such a depression that he has just eaten himself almost to death. He was hurt on the job about a year ago and unable to have surgery because of his size. So he couldn't work and, I believe, he felt useless, and turned to food as comfort. It was really hard on my husband to hear this news as he wants to be home with his dad, but has to be on the road to bring in a paycheck. Hopefully, he can get a load that will run him close to home so that he can stop in and visit with Joe briefly before going back out again. That way if Joe doesn't pull through, he will have seen him one last time.

On a happier note, my friend, Julie, is throwing me a baby shower next weekend, and I am excited about that. I'll let you know how it goes!

~ Tamira

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