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Tamira's Pregnancy Journal

Week 38
~ Yawn!

Well, I had my 39 week check-up today, and that was uneventful. No sugar was found in the urine this time around, so that was good. I still have not dilated to anything more than a fingertip, so I feel like I will make it to my due date of November 20th. My doctor said that he would not let me go past the 21st, so by next Friday, I should be holding my baby son in my arms. That just doesn't seem real. I suppose that I am still in a bit of a shock that I am having another baby. Wow. I go back for another check-up on Tuesday, so I will hopefully be able to get one last journal entry in by then. The doctor did try to strip my membranes a little, but I have been there and done that, and my stubborn uterus could care less. Besides, Gary is over a 1000 miles away at this moment, so I would prefer to wait until he is a bit closer to home anyway.

I really just cannot believe how good I feel to be this close to delivery. Don't get me wrong, I definitely have some discomfort, but I am not completely miserable like I have been before. I am not swollen, I can still wear my wedding ring and my shoes (I still can't get over that one), Tums are still keeping my heartburn under control, and I really have not lost my appetite. The main thing that plagues me now is being extremely tired. Yesterday, I slept for what seemed like all day. I take a nap every day when Violet takes hers. Sometimes I even doze in the morning during Sesame Street. I am definitely super tired. Some of it may have to do with Violet waking me up several times each night getting out of her "big girl bed" I suppose, but I am sure that growing a human being is the main cause of my fatigue.

I just want to take a moment to brag about my two oldest daughters. They have been such a help to me throughout this pregnancy. They definitely go above and beyond what I could ever expect of them. They are awesome big sisters to Violet and take so much time with her. It is truly amazing how much they can be depended on. I could never have asked for two better daughters. (Where's my tissue?) Thank you Brooke and Rachel!!

~ Tamira

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