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Tamira's Pregnancy Journal

Week 39
~ Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?

Well, here I am at the end of week 39, less than 2 hours until my due date of November 20th, and still no baby. I did lose my mucous plug on Friday, which I thought was some progress. I have had a very mucousy discharge since (gross). I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, at which point I realized that my doctor did not remember promising me a baby by Friday. He did my exam and determined that I am dilated about a 2 and 50% effaced, and then he stripped my membranes again to try to get some contractions going, but all it did was just hurt and cause more discharge. He then said, "Well, I'll see you Thursday if you don't have this baby before then." And that was it. So, I will be going in again tomorrow, my official due date, to see where we are at. I will definitely be asking about the Friday baby promise at this appointment.

Gary probably will not be able to get into town until Friday morning anyway. I will not even get started on that issue right now. Just 24 hours ago he was just two hours away from home (okay, I'll get into it), but now, thanks to the wonderful planners at his company, who are obviously so concerned about their drivers and their pregnant wives (dripping with sarcasm), he is sitting in Kentucky, over 500 miles away, waiting on a load that will get him 90 miles away from me by late Thursday, and he will have to drive through the night to get here by Friday morning. That is the best case scenario, like if everything works out as it should with the picking up and dropping off of the loads. However, I can probably count on one hand the times that anything goes like it is supposed to in the trucking industry. So, if I deliver on Friday, I will either have a husband who can barely keep his eyes open for the delivery, or no husband at all. I suppose that I should be thinking that I will be happy not to deliver on Friday, but oh contraire. I have come to accept that I want this baby Friday, no matter what. Selfish, maybe, but I don't see anyone else carrying this heavy load.

Boy, I just read that last paragraph, and I sound pretty angry. I am mostly just frustrated. Things just looked like they were going to work out just how I wanted them to on Tuesday, and now I am back to living in my sphere of the unknown. Will he be here in time or not? Oh well, that is just the life of a trucker's wife I guess. I still love him and know that he is doing all that he can to get here. I know that he is anxious about the situation as well. I mean, of course, he wants to be here for the birth of his first son. It is all in the Lord's hands now, as it has been the whole time. I just keep trying to take it back out. I guess I just need to relax and let things just go how they are going to go. Breathe.

On a different note, I have been able to sleep so soundly the last 2 nights, that I have not even had to get up to go pee one time. As a matter of fact, I have laid down and not moved or rolled over the whole night long. I wake up how I went to sleep. How strange is that this late into pregnancy?

I will try to update you on tomorrows appointment ASAP!

~ Tamira

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