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Tamira's Pregnancy Journal

Week 40
~ One More Day!

Well, after I wrote my journal entry last night, I began having some pretty good contractions. After about an hour or so of them I began to time them. They weren't too painful, but they were coming every 6 to 7 minutes steady. I went to bed around 12:30 to see if I could fall asleep, but then Violet woke up. She has had a cold for a couple of days, so I figured it might be cold related and checked on her. I rocked her back to sleep, but as soon as I laid her down, she started crying again. I tried to let her cry it out for a little while because she didn't have any fever or complain of any aches or pains. However, her stubborness won out and I rocked her again. I usually don't give in, but I was worried that she may have a pain that she couldn't relate to me.

Now it was probably 2 a.m. and my contractions are still coming every 5 to 8 minutes. They hurt worse when you are rocking a two year old. I was at my wits end with Violet not wanting to get back in her bed and me worrying about if I am in labor or not. So I decided to let Violet lay down with me in my bed so that I could try to get some rest in case this was the real thing. That little stinker was out like a light as soon as I laid down with her. She even snored a little. She really pulled the wool over my eyes.

At about 2:45 a.m. I got up and came in the living room to call Gary. He answered the phone with, "You better be kidding me." He was still driving at that time. I told him I wasn't sure and talked to him through several contractions. He couldn't stay on the phone with me long because his earpiece for his phone was going dead, and he won't drive and hold a phone at the same time. After I let him go, I decided to put some laundry in the washer and make sure that I had everything ready for the hospital, just in case. As I was walking around, the contractions didn't bother me as much. At about 3:30 I decided to take sleeping beauty back to her room and to hop in the tub to shave my legs. I figured that if I wasn't in real labor that the contractions would stop in the tub. They did slow down a bit. When I got out, I read for a few minutes and then fell asleep around 4 a.m. When I woke up at 7:00 I was pretty upset because the contractions had stopped. I did not go into labor, and I was super tired.

So, I went to my doctors appointment at 1:30 and I had progressed to being dilated to 3 cm, which was some progress. I told him that my husband would be home on Friday, and had limited home time, so he agreed to induce me on Friday. So, I will be calling the hospital tomorrow at 5:45 see if they have an available room for me. So, my next entry will be my birth story!! Hoo-ray!!

~ Tamira

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