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Tamitha's Pregnancy Journal
Tamitha and family
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Tamitha's pregnancy journal.

Tamitha (38) and her husband, Bobby, have been married 15 years. They are missionaries in Ecuador (and Tamitha is also the owner of!). They are the proud parents of 11 year old boy/girl twins. After a miscarriage earlier in 2010, sweet baby James was born April 20, 2011 at 39 weeks via planned c-section.

Join Tamitha as she takes us through her pregnancy in a developing country!

Tamitha's Journal Entries

Meet Tamitha

Week 5
Trying to NOT get too excited

Week 6
Oh no! A brown spot!

Week 7
Let's see what the doc says

Week 8
Suspicious Kid

Week 9

Week 10
Puffy Time

Week 11
Facebook Official

Week 12
BIG Scare

Week 13
Bedrest and Puppies

Week 14
Normal Again?

Week 15

Weeks 16 & 17
Sickness & Fat???

Week 18
Whole Lotta Cookin'

Week 19
Busy Week!

Week 20

Weeks 21 & 22
A TON of Stuff!

Week 23
Yay! Clothes!

Week 24

Week 25
Change of Plans

Week 26
Baby Gifts!!

Weeks 27 & 28

Week 29
To VBAC or Not?

Week 30

Weeks 31 & 32
Great Ultrasound

Week 33

Weeks 34 & 35
Waiting & Waddling

Week 36
Birthdate . . . April 20

Week 37
S L O W I N G Down

Birth Story
Welcome Baby James

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