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~ Meet Tamitha

Tamitha and familyHi all! I am Tamitha, a 37 year-old Missionary Mompreneur (a title I made up to help describe the complexities of my life). I am mom to 11 year old twins, wife to my best friend, online entrepreneur and missionary living in Ecuador (or on the road - depending on the schedule).

Bobby and I met at church when I was in high school, and he was in college. We dated for five years before getting married and have been married for 15 years. I am blessed to say that even after all these years, he still makes my heart skip a beat and we love each other more now than ever. About eight years ago, we totally changed our way of living and became missionaries living and working in inner city Atlanta and now in Ecuador, South America.

I freelance in web design and online marketing. When my twins were babies, I Created before "blog" was even a word. I love writing about all things "mom" and sharing tips with others. I LOVE being a mom!

My first pregnancy was TWINS! That was so fun and exciting. You can read that birth story here.

The twins are 11 years old and now really grown-up acting. And NOW, I'm PREGNANT! Part of me thinks I've lost my mind now that my kids are somewhat self-sufficient to start the process all over again. We had always planned on adopting someday but we discovered we can't do that because of our mobile lifestyle (we are missionaries living much of the year overseas and various months traveling in the US . . . adoption agencies don't like that). The sadness of being "done" with children is something I can't escape. So . . . here we are.

After four months of casual TTC (casual meaning no temp taking or heavy scheduling of "activities"), I got pregnant but at six weeks began spotting and after a long 2 weeks of "maybe/maybe not" I miscarried at 8 weeks and had to have a D&C. That was a tough experience, but, thankfully, here we go again a couple months later. This time has been so different from the last pregnancy in GOOD ways.

After a year of being in the US on furlow, we moved back to Ecuador (right after conception time). As soon as we got here, we had 18 people flying in to build a church. Since we were in charge of their daily activities, I was pretty busy and didn't have much time to think about "am I" or "am I NOT" pregnant. On the last day of their trip, we drove down some really bumpy roads and I noticed my breasts were REALLY sore (yay! That's a good sign). So as soon as I had a minute alone, I took a test, and sure enough, the line was there!


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