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Week 10
~ Puffy Time

This has been a fairly uneventful week pregnancy-wise, but we did almost have a Presidential coup in Ecuador. I'll let you guys read the news for yourselves, but it was a tense day or two around here as we stayed on lock-down waiting to see how it would play out. Fortunately, everything calmed down quickly and the coup was unsuccessful.

Baby-wise... everything is good. The nausea has subsided a good bit. The breasts are still really sore. I LOVE sleeping on my tummy but I can't really enjoy these last few weeks of being able to do that because of the sore boobs.

I have been really puffy in the face. It's funny because in all the pregnancy reading, they never really mention swelling in the first trimester. Yet, I know I've seen LOTS of pregnant friends who the puffy face was one of the first give-aways. So obviously, it's a common thing... I would think. Wonder why that's not really mentioned. I don't really have swollen feet or hands, just a puffy face.

We are excited because we have another ultrasound next week. I have been trying to keep the news under wraps until this appointment but my kids are itching to tell and oddly enough, my husband DOES keep telling people. lol


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