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Week 11
~ Facebook Official

So we had our ultrasound this week and all was great so, of course, I went straight to Facebook and posted the sonogram pic. It was so much fun to see all the responses... many very surprised, of course, given our spacing between kids. We got lots of "wow"s. It's kinda amazing how the FB revolution has changed life so much. There's little need to contact anyone directly with news since they are all on FB. And ... how FAST the news gets out that way... WOW! Cool stuff for sure.

We call the baby "Speckle". This is because the twins both do clown ministry and their clown names are Spike & Sparkle. So they made this name up to be the baby's clown name and match with theirs. And, of course, also because right now, it's just a tiny little Speckle!

In the sonogram, we got to see Speckle moving around and waving at us. That was so reassuring. The baby measured about 5 days ahead of the calendar which matches with the last one also. The placenta is currently in the "previa" position... low down, near the cervix. The doctor says it will likely rise as the uterus grows so I'm not too concerned about it. My Googling shows that it moves to the correct position in 90% of cases. That's pretty good odds.

I'm feeling really good these days... still exercising (yay!). My weight has pretty much stayed the same for the last few weeks making for an overall gain of five pounds so far. Although, the day I went to the doc, I was especially bloated. I could feel the puffiness all over so I knew it would be bad. It was! According to this weigh-in, I had gained a total of nine pounds so far. The doc was REALLY upset about this. He lectured both me and hubby. You know, I already shared how NON-private things are at the doctor's here (que ultrasound with the door wide open)... well he just blabbered on to hubby about my weight, etc. Now, I don't have many secrets from him, but I had NEVER said that awful dreaded number aloud to him in all our 15 years of marriage. Oh well... so much for that little bit of "mystery". lol


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