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Week 12
~ BIG Scare

Up until the last of it, this week was pretty normal. Just the same 'ole complaints of wanting to sleep too much and having the sore boobs (which are growing btw... and let's face it, I didn't really have any room to grow in that area). Much of this week was spent working in the yard, planting flowers and lots of other fun activities. Then came Sunday evening. After a day filled with laziness, I suddenly felt a LOT of wetness in my pants. A trip to the bathroom revealed that the wetness was bright red blood! PANIC!!!

Here I am, home with the kids in a foreign country. My husband is on a trip to ANOTHER country. And now we have this crisis. I panicked and just KNEW that this pregnancy was over. I couldn't believe we had made it this far and were "out of the woods" only to have that dream removed. I went to my room, trying to hide the panic from the kids, and called the doctor. He said to wait until the morning and come in unless the bleeding were extremely heavy. I emailed my husband since there was no way to phone him and tried to calm down. I ended up telling the kids what was going on because they overheard some of my drama and I really couldn't hide it from them. They were precious as they took care of me that evening and read Bible verses to me. Later that evening, in bed, I was able to chat with my mom and Bobby so that really helped to keep me calm.

Through the night, the bleeding slowed down considerably for which I was grateful. By morning, it had turned to brown, which I figured was a good sign. Finally time arrived for the doctor visit and my friend went with me so I wouldn't have to be alone. As the sonogram began, I could barely breathe as I tried to brace myself for whatever was to come. Thankfully, we saw a sweet, active little bundle that had already grown a lot since our last visit. ~whew~

The sonogram also revealed that a portion of the placenta (about 1 cm) had detached from the wall which is what caused the bleeding. The doctor said that it wouldn't harm the baby, but that I need to take it easy to prevent more from detaching. So I am ordered to bedrest until I have two days with no spotting. And after that, I can resume pretty normal duty with extra caution. So, crisis overcome... I can now get back to dreaming of that sweet little baby that's growing in there.

We received our first baby gifts this week! Some friends from the US came to visit and brought lots of onesies and receiving blankets. This really made it REAL to me that a little one will be infiltrating our lives. It's SO exciting!


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