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Week 13
~ Bedrest and Puppies

So we started this week still pretty freaked out from the scare of the placenta abruption but it calmed down quickly. I was really glad when hubby got home from his trip to make everything "all better". The bleeding stopped pretty quickly but I was a good patient and stayed in bed for the full length of my time.

It wasn't easy, being on bedrest, but of course, it is all worth it. The first day, since Bobby was not home, the twins took great care of me. They got themselves ready for school and fixed my breakfast. They loaded me up with all kinds of foods I might want through the day. I did have my computer and lots of downloaded TV shows so that made it better. But after a couple days of being confined to that room, I was pretty stir crazy and restless.

As far as I can tell, the crisis seems to be over, but of course I am nervous with every little twinge of discomfort I feel. It's normal at this point to have lots of discomfort from stretching ligaments but how can I know if it's a normal twinge or a bad one? I guess it's a bit of a head game at this point to stay in a good mental place without worrying too much (which of course is bad for baby).

The puppies were born this week! Fortunately it happened on my first day out of bed and a day when the kids were home from school. So the whole family sat around and played nurse and mostly watched with awe as 9 puppies (wow!) were born. My son says it best, "It was the most disgusting and most amazing thing all in one." Watching as mama dog dug a hole and had all those babies on her own, with no moaning and taking care of the ones born while birthing others was kinda humbling. Of course, there were lots of jokes about how I shouldn't need so much care (epidural, nurses, etc.) after watching her. We joked that I should just come out to the backyard and use the same hole. LOL I have to say, it has been interesting to watch her instincts take over showing her how to care for the babies ... all with NO books, websites or forums for how-to info.

In the end ... I'll still be going for the hospital route and NOT for the backyard.


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