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Week 14
~ Normal Again?

Coming off of bedrest is scary because you worry about every little thing. I have tried to resume normal activity, but have still had little bits of brown spotting. I know it's a good thing that it's brown because that means old blood, not new, but no one ever wants to see ANY blood. Finally, about Sunday, the spotting completely stopped. I have even resumed light exercise ... but still tentatively.

I have been craving french fries like CRAZY! Typically, I might eat fries once a week or every 10 days. But I have been wanting them at like every meal (but not surrendering of course)! It's so funny because the urge is almost uncontrollable. And - of course - it's not exactly a HEALTHY thing to be craving. lol My weight is up like 2 pounds since the bedrest crisis began. I wish that were not so, but I guess that's not so bad considering I have been unable to exercise or move about normally. I just have to keep watching my "luxury" calorie intake. oops! lol My doc will probably be unhappy about that when we go this week.

My emotions have been a bit heightened also. I was watching the new sitcom, Cougar Town, with Courtney Cox, and started bawling. The scene was emotional, BUT it IS a comedy so my reaction was a bit over the top. And, more than once, my kids and hubby have looked at me like I've lost my mind causing me to see that my reaction at that moment, was a little off.

I went to the baby supply store here and was totally shocked by the prices. Typically, imported goods, are double the price of what they are in the US due to Ecuador's import taxes, etc. Well, the baby industry seems to be TRIPLE or more! YIKES! For a stroller system that Amazon lists at $170, the price here is $650!!! Wow! I guess I will be learning from the locals about strapping the baby on the back and forgetting about the strollers.

The kids had three days off of school due to the "Day of the Dead" holidays. We enjoyed just relaxing around the house and playing with the puppies. We put up the Christmas tree and decorations. I know it's early, but I am in the mood so why not? Of course, it is a reminder that I was due with a baby this December 25 that we lost. But I am thankful for this little "Speckle" growing inside me and I'll focus on the joy of that instead of dwelling on "what if?".


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