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Week 15
~ Flutters

Another good week down, 25 more to go. I like that it is getting closer to the halfway mark. yay!

My church is planning a baby shower for us while we are home for Christmas so that news has me giddy. All four of us visited the baby gear store and it was so much fun to watch the kids figuring out what all this stuff was for and making their decisions about what they think "Speckle" should have. Of course, Jordan just KNOWS it will be a girl while Jonathan is hoping for a boy. My hubby was super impressed at the new pack 'n play (remember it's been 11 years since we had babies . . . lots of progress has happened). The ones we looked at have a bassinet insert and come with a mobile and music and attached changing table. WOW! It's like an all-in-one portable baby room. That's perfect for our mobile lifestyle.

The doctor's visit went well. I managed not to gain weight, even in the middle of the french fry craving crisis (which has now settled down, thankfully). The heartbeat was around 153 and I measured right on target. The doc asked about my vitamin regiment which I explained was recommended by my doc in the US. I'm taking a prenatal multi-vitamin along with Expectra (DHEA) and Slow FE (iron). He said that was a lot and to make sure I don't add anything else because of my weight (implying that more vitamins would make me gain more). I was a little disappointed to find out that his ultrasound machine is not good enough quality to check for the baby's sex at my next visit. He prefers to do it around 24 weeks. Fortunately, while we are home for Christmas, I can go see my US doc and have the ultrasound there. I'm hoping they can get it in before the holiday so I can announce the exciting news when I see everyone. *fingers crossed* I also know the US doc will want to do a bazillion tests that are normal in the US but the doc here hasn't done (like the diabetes crud to drink, etc.). I *DON'T* look forward to that part, but that's OK.

After hubby got home from Argentina, he came down with a NASTY flu. We kept him isolated in the guest room trying so hard to keep from spreading it, but guess what? I GOT IT! Fortunately, my case seems to be a bit lighter than his. I basically have a lot of chest congestion and coughing. I'm taking Tylenol for the fever and found something similar to Robitussin DM for kids (no alcohol) here that I can take. I am drinking lots of orange juice, but everything I've read says pregnant women need to be careful about overdoing the Vitamin C (2000 mg daily limit) - especially if it's in synthetic form (like pills). Hopefully I will kick this thing quickly.

Now, for the most exciting news . . . I can feel the baby fluttering around in there!!! It's at random times, most frequently when I'm lying down. If I hadn't experienced it before with the twins, I would probably discount it as "wishful thinking" but this time around, I can clearly know that's my little one moving around in there! It is such a comforting feeling.


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