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Weeks 16 & 17
~ Sickness & Fat???

Week 16 is a bit of a blur because I spent it in bed fighting a bronchitis bug. That was certainly NO FUN! The coughing was really bad! Obviously I couldn't take much in the way of meds so it was "tough it out" time. This being pregnant thing comes with so many fears of hurting the baby. Even though I read that coughing wouldn't harm the baby, when my stomach was so sore from the coughs that I felt a tearing sensation with every cough, I couldn't help but worry that it was something wrong with the baby instead of normal muscle soreness. Those "mommy worries" are so overwhelming. Fortunately, the virus passed and life returned to normal. And so far, the twins haven't gotten sick so I am super thankful for that!

Hubby had to make a trip to the US. If you recall, the last time he left the country, I had my placental abruption issue that scared me to death. And back in May, when we miscarried, he was out of the country then. So, needless to say, my hormones had me all worked about about him leaving again. I could barely say goodbye because I was bawling my eyes out - which is SO uncommon for me. Fortunately, it didn't bother the kids, they just laughed about my preggo self and gave me hugs.

We had a little scare with the puppies. On Saturday, they all started throwing up. We quickly discovered it was just worms so we got the parasite medicine for that. We just give them tap water like everyone else does for pets here, even though we wouldn't dare drink the water. The poor little things were so full of parasites. But fortunately, they are much better now. Of course, the clean up is a pain. Inca (the mommy dog) is so funny. She knows it is time for weaning them and she seems all to happy to comply. I guess their needle teeth snatching at her is getting to be too much! Watching those 9 puppies attack her trying to get more milk makes me so thankful I have only 1 baby on the way.

I am really feeling a lot of movement from the baby these days. That is SO nice! The kids have been reading books to Speckle and giving hugs to my belly.

Speaking of my belly... I definitely have a baby bump these days. HOWEVER... I kinda have more than I should. It is like all my belly fat has shifted upward making my belly stick out more than it used to there. And I KNOW it's not baby in that part yet. lol That is TMI, I'm sure, but I guess that's the point here. There will definitely be no naked belly pics of this chica.

My weight is still holding steady. Hooray! I am having trouble getting myself to eat veggies. It's not really that they are making me nauseous, I just have NO desire for them and just don't want them. I've never been a good veggie eater, but I know I have to do what's right for Speckle. So "yuck" ... down the hatch. I have a juicer I have used to make some veggie juice drinks. I can handle that better than chewing them. But I need to find some really good recipes. For now, it's mostly carrots and apples juiced together.


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