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Week 18
~ Whole Lotta Cookin'

Hubby came home from his trip to the US. It's always like Christmas morning when that happens because he brings suitcases full of goodies that we can't get here in Ecuador. Some of our friends also sent baby gifts including an adorable set of crocheted booties.... awww!!! He also brought me the Graco Pack 'n Play Silhouette. I am SO excited about this thing. Pack 'n Play's have come a LONG way since I had babies 11 years ago! (more about my excitement here)

We had a beautiful Thanksgiving Day. It is NOT a holiday here so the kids went to school leaving me to cook without them. I was able to find the parade streaming online so that made it feel like Thanksgiving. I made all our traditional favorites: 25 lb turkey, dressing, homemade mac 'n cheese, green beans, carrots, five pumpkin pies, etc. It was a LOT of work, but I loved every minute of it. We had a few friends over and the evening was filled with laughter.... just like it's supposed to be. It is hard being away from family at times like this, but we make new traditions to help fill the void.

Sunday was the national census day and the law states that no one can leave their home before 5 PM. That was interesting. I can't see that going over very well in the US.... civil liberties and all. They also prohibited booze for the weekend. At the end of it, only a little more than 900 people throughout the whole country were arrested for drinking. My day of "house arrest" was spent cooking again. We had all the directors in Latin America from our denomination for dinner that evening so I wore myself out cooking. The next day, I was pretty useless and took a two hour nap before noon! lol

Everything seems pretty smooth baby and health-wise, thankfully. The baby is really on the move all the time. Whenever I exercise (recumbent bike) it seems like Speckle is doing aerobics in there too. My belly is definitely bigger... but I still say the "fat" is rising. I think I have two baby bumps... one of fat and the other of baby. I can still hide it with certain clothing but others make it REALLY obvious. I still feel weird wearing the big maternity shirts though. So for now, I'm changing clothes several times before deciding for the day.


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