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Week 19
~ Busy Week!

This was a busy week! We had a big conference at the seminary so there were visitors from the US as well as from every Latin American country. Normally, I go into the office only a couple days per week and work from home the others. I had to come up with more "nice" outfits that FIT the belly this week. THAT was a challenge.

My belly is definitely on its way out there! I still feel weird in the big floppy shirts (due to the extra fat bump) but there is NO MORE wearing pre-preggo pants these days.

My doctor visit went well. It was simple--measure, weigh, listen to the heartbeat. I asked for a copy of my records because when we go to the US for Christmas, I will visit my regular OB. I have to translate it all from Spanish for my doc but on top of that, it is just written on plain white paper. I imagine the fancy doctor's office in Alabama will get a kick from this. Also, they don't seem to do as many routine tests here as in the US. I've only had a blood test on my first visit. The only other tests are a urine test every four weeks. I have a feeling the doc in Alabama will want to do lots of poking and prodding and making me drink yucky stuff.

After the big conference at the seminary, we had another lovely missionary experience... renewing our visas. That entailed five hours of going from one office to another, waiting with masses of people, up and down many stairs and one trip across the city. Finally, we made it through phase 1 and have two more simpler phases to go this week. I thought it was really funny that the guy putting our data in the computer said there was no state of Alabama in his system and asked if there was a state nearby. So he put us as being from Florida! FUNNY!

I spent the weekend alone in a quiet house because the hubby took the kids on a birdwatching trip. I couldn't go because the trip was eight hours on some incredibly bumpy roads. I was afraid to risk it after my last episode with placenta abruptio. Normally, I cherish those rare times home alone, but for some reason, this weekend, I seemed to be a little stir crazy. I will confess to having taken a three hour nap on Saturday.

One thing I did to occupy my time over the weekend was watch a Lamaze class DVD that I received a while back. It was really interesting, and since it's been almost 12 years since my last time, I found it very reassuring to have that info fresh in my mind. (read more about the DVD here).


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