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Week 20

familyI'm sure everybody titles their Week 20 journal entry this way, but it is SO EXCITING to be at this halfway milestone. Those first few weeks seem to take forever when you KNOW there's a little person growing in there, but there aren't many FUN signs yet. NOW we get to the fun part with LOOKING pregnant and lots of kicking.

I had a HUGE miscommunication in Spanish. Jordan and I went to get haircuts. She got a perfect haircut for her age... cute, spunky, stylish. I told the lady I just wanted the same haircut (meaning as always) but she understood it to mean the same as Jordan's. Before I knew it, my LONG locks were punched up into short layers. And of course, I couldn't stop the preggo hormones... I cried! It's really NOT that bad, but I loved the way it was cut before, and now I just hate it. lol Thank goodness for the growth hormones which mean it will grow out faster.

This week, Bobby and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary! Now THAT can make a pregnant girl feel old. But that's OK, we have had a fantastic 16 years together and I am blessed to say that we are more in love now than when we first started out. I know I am so blessed to have a good relationship with my husband and I hope to never take that for granted.

We went away for the weekend to a historic town in Ecuador that we had not yet visited. We took the kids and a friend along too. So it wasn't a mushy, romance weekend, but it was perfect for us. My ulterior motive was to find some unique Christmas gifts. We are always finding things in stores here and they so, "oh this was made in Cuenca" (meaning it is more special than things made in our town). So I wanted to find those places and buy direct to give our family some awesome Christmas gifts. Well, we went on goose chase after goose chase, and never really found what we were looking for. Apparently, it is the best kept secret in Cuenca. lol We walked a LOT!!!! One day, it was close to lunch and I felt my batteries running out. Bobby looked at me with a worried look like something was really wrong with me. But once I got some food in there, baby was happy, and mommy too.

So a few weeks ago, I had someone who was coming to Ecuador bring me some Old Navy preggo jeans (the ones with the "real waist"). I have been wearing them comfortably and enjoying how they looked non-preggo. However, as the belly has grown, the pants just kept slipping down - to the point that I couldn't walk up the stairs without holding the waistband unless I wanted to be singing "pants on the ground". Finally, I was so frustrated, I revisited the website to see if I was doing something wrong. Well, all the photos show the women wearing them with the elastic band BELOW the baby bump... meaning, SUPER low rise. I guess I'm showing my age here, but that just ain't for me! lol I mean if they are that low, WHAT will hold them UP??? I'm serious, I'd love to know... my butt is kinda flat, so I'm getting no help there. So HOW are they supposed to stay on? Guess I know what I'll be doing when we get to the US next week... trying on preggo jeans to find some that will stay on.

FYI... I do LOVE the Old Navy trousers that are in this same design, but they have a larger and adjustable waistband so it is more flexible for the belly phases than the jeans.


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