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Weeks 21 & 22
~ A TON of Stuff!

So we have been in full Christmas gear in our family. First we made fudge to give to our friends in Ecuador. This is something most folks in Ecuador have never experienced! I had my husband bring the ingredients that we can't find (chocolate chips and marshmallow cream) from the US back in November in anticipation of this fun event. The fudge was delicious and a big hit, but we definitely ate too much of it and got kinda sick of it.

Two days before flying to the US, it was time to send the puppies to their new homes. We kept one of them so that was a good consolation for mama Inca. It was really sad though, to watch her looking for her babies and being unsettled that they could not be found. I'm glad we humans don't have to separate at eight weeks.

On the evening of the 19th, we headed to the airport to fly home for Christmas. It was an overnight flight, which is not so fun, but on top of that, it was delayed by three hours! My kids both came down with head colds that day too, so they were all stuffed up and miserable. Like good, seasoned travelers, they barely even complained. Luckily, two of us got upgraded, so I got to fly in first class with Jonathan. But even with that extra luxury, it was REALLY hard to get any sleep at all. But it was all worth it when we got to see our family the next day!

Our second day in the U.S., I headed to visit my doctor and have an ultrasound. We had all been suspecting it was a girl. When the nurse listened to the heartbeat in the exam room, she said it sounded like a girl. BUT the ultrasound tech says BOY!!!!!

Other than being a little anemic, the doctor gave me the all-clear. We talked at length about my chances of attempting a VBAC. They said that IF I were delivering there, I could try a VBAC but since my Ecuador doc has no experience with them and doesn't recommend it, I should follow his advice. She also said that given my short stature and my tendency to have big babies (the twins were both right at 7 1/2 pounds each), my odds were not real high that an attempt at VBAC would even succeed. So that gives me peace of mind about the C-Section decision. So the end result was a recommendation that I schedule a C-Section at 39 weeks. I hope to work it out for April 22, which will mean that everyone in the family other than me has a birthday on the 22nd of their respective months.

My "babies" turned 12 on the 22nd!!!! We had a "low-key" celebration with just family, but for our family that's still pretty big. It was so nice to celebrate with everyone. We have a tradition that I always make their cakes. Typically they are pretty elaborate but I tried to keep it simple this year. We made gingerbread houses and the kids decorated the houses themselves. Then we just plopped the houses on top of a fairly basic white cake that I made. But of course that was times two so that each twin could have their own cake. Even with trying to keep everything simple, I pretty much wore myself out. I also began feeling a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions that day. They seem to be more frequent when I'm exhausted.

Christmas Eve rolled around and Jonathan woke us up in the middle of the night with a stomach virus. That was FUN to clean up in the middle of the night. The poor guy didn't want to miss the Christmas Eve celebration at my grandmother's so he went anyway even though he ended up exhausted and lying on the couch. Bobby came down with the kids' head cold also so he felt crummy. Later that evening, Jordan followed suit and woke up with the same problem. ANOTHER FUN clean up! So Christmas Day, we just stayed put at the in-laws' house and took it easy. It was kinda nice to do nothing. We did get a really cool present of a WHITE Christmas, which NEVER happens in Alabama.

A couple days later, Bobby came down with the stomach bug and I got the head cold. What a pair we were! It will be SO nice to be DONE with the sicknesses.


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