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Week 23
~ Yay! Clothes!

I did some shopping for maternity clothes. I found the most things that I love at the Motherhood store. I really LOVE the spandexy part at the top of the pants... super comfy and it helps with my "pants on the ground" problem. I got several really cute things on the clearance rack so it wasn't terribly expensive. Maybe it's the clothes, or maybe the belly just REALLY getting out there, but my husband keeps looking at me with that "wow... you're really pregnant" look. Lol

We spent New Year's Eve driving four hours to visit some supporters of our ministry. Jonathan bought fireworks which every little Southern boy must experience. We passed midnight at our friends' home watching the ball drop in NYC.

The tradition in the south on New Year's Day is to eat black-eyed peas and turnip greens. The theory is the more you eat, the richer you will be throughout the year. Not really my thing, but OK. We spent the day visiting more friends.

The kids have both gotten to feel the baby kick now. They have been so excited for this time to come. Jonathan began bringing me his ipod at night for me to play classical music to the baby. It's so sweet how each of the twins keep taking care of the baby already.


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