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Week 24
~ California!

One of the cool things about this missionary lifestyle is making amazing friends all around the globe. Last year we spent several months living in Pasadena, CA while my husband worked on his PhD so we made many awesome connections. Fortunately, we now have the opportunity to visit them again so we were off on another airplane ride.

Since my hubby travels so much, he got upgraded on the flight and gave it to me. Now THAT is the way to fly! Baby and I REALLY enjoyed stretching out on that comfy seat! The baby seemed to move a lot during take-off and landing so I was really curious what it felt like for him in there. I couldn't help but look at all the families traveling with little ones VERY differently, knowing that in a few months that will be me flying across the world with a baby, trying to keep it happy without bothering everyone else on that plane. Yikes!!

We went to the beach and enjoyed some time goofing off as a family. We took photos and did some fun stuff for the kids. I am still enjoying the "honeymoon" phase of second trimester and enjoying having my energy back but I can tell I am starting to slow down again. Bobby says I am waddling more as my center of balance has definitely shifted.

There is NO denying the belly these days! It is fully out there for all to see - no hiding. Bobby keeps rubbing it as if it's a good luck charm . And, of course, pretty much everyone we see wants to talk to it and touch it. It's a little weird because normally I would NOT be wanting people near that area, but it doesn't bother that much like some people I know.

It has been a little bittersweet visiting our friends as I watch my kids struggling with the pains of goodbye. They are so excited to see the dear friends they made, but then they have to say goodbye all over again which really hard at this age when friends ar so important. It breaks my momma-heart to see their pain. But I also know that another pre-teen drama will come along soon to serve as a distraction .


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