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Week 25
~ Change of Plans

This week has seen a 180 degree change in plans for our family life. We are now having the baby in the US instead of in Ecuador. In fact, we left Ecuador packed for Christmas only and suddenly will be staying for five months or so! YIKES!!

So here's why.... A few weeks ago when we saw the doctor in Alabama, she suggested that we get a higher level ultrasound before leaving the country. There were some abnormalities but nothing to really be concerned about. She just thought that since we would be away from higher level medical care, it was a good idea. We didn't mention this to anybody because the doctor was really nonchalant and not very informational about the whole thing at the time so it seemed like no reason to worry anyone.

While we were visiting in California, we saw my previous doctor for this. This is where we finally got some information that was a bit startling. Apparently there had been some cysts in the baby's brain. This is called a Choroid Plexus Cyst and can be quite common. HOWEVER, it can also be a warning sign of Trisomy 18 which is super scary! By the time of this week's scan, the cysts are disappearing which is a GOOD sign but the doctor still wants to keep a close check on things. Therefore, we have changed our plans quickly and will be having the baby in California.

I am pretty calm about the baby stuff. The statistics are SO in our favor that this is a common instance of CP cysts that will dissolve and be no problem. All the other visible signs on the ultrasound look good. Unfortunately, the Ecuador doctor didn't do a lot of the bloodwork that is typically done in the US that might show any other warning signs so I will be getting poked a lot at my next doctor visit to check all that.

For now, I am focusing on the logistics of getting our family settled in California. We chose California instead of being near family in Alabama because my husband is enrolled in a PhD program at a seminary out there. He normally does distance work with one trip per semester to California. But since we need to be stateside, it is more beneficial for him to be on campus. PLUS we have missionary housing available to us (already furnished) which makes it easy for a quick move.

On top of that, I LOVE my doctor in California so much!!! Their practice is top technology plus they are very patient interactive. We were informed of everything immediately during the ultrasound (instead of hearing it from the doctor and the terminology being dumbed down). I am able to communicate with the doctor via email and everything is just much more "open door" than the typical jumping through hoops to talk to the right person I've experienced with other practices.

For now, we are back in Alabama because that was already planned. Next week, Bobby will go to Ecuador because we are hosting a huge conference that he'll now have to do by himself. The kids and I will go to California to get settled in and start back with homeschool.

So life has changed really fast, but I am thankful that all the pieces are falling into place.


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