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Week 26
~ Baby Gifts!!

Shower!This week held lots of organizing and planning for our sudden move to California. The kids are excited about it since they have a lot of friends out there. The frequent moving and traveling that comes with missionary life is both a blessing and a frustration in various ways. But after a month of living totally out of suitcases, it will be nice to be settled somewhere for a while.

Our lives were NOT like this when my twins were born. We were not even in ministry then. So I spent months getting the nursery prepared and painted a huge wall mural by hand for them, etc. Everything was picture perfect for the babies' room. This time around is SO different. This kid will come home to a portable crib and a temporary home with basically no decoration and will be in OUR room (two bedroom apartment for five people!). Surprisingly though, this isn't bothering me. I've just learned to roll with it over the years.

Also, living in a developing nation and watching the women care for their babies with little or nothing, has taught me that I don't really need all those gadgets that are out there to make a happy home for baby. With the twins, I had every product out there. This time, I understand that simple is just as good. I WILL however, use some of the gadgets that are just downright convenient.

Sunday, we had a baby shower at our home church in Alabama. That was so much fun! We received some adorable clothes and lots of gift cards to make it easier to get what we need with our mobile lifestyle. What a blessing! It was great to see friends and family who I don't get to see that often. My daughter made a special surprise for the shower. She cut out a foam letter "J" and decorated it with little boy scrapbook stickers. It is so sweet and will look adorable hanging over his bed. I think she was even more excited about all of the baby gifts than me.

One gift I am super excited about is the Moby wrap for carrying the baby on me. Another thing I have observed while living in Ecuador is all the women carrying the babies on their backs. I didn't do much of that with the twins ... partially because 2 are HEAVY, but also because I didn't fully appreciate the practice at the time. I do think it is important for the baby to have some solo time and learn to sooth himself to sleep, etc. BUT I am also excited about him spending time in the wrap.

All these gifts and planning make it more and more REAL that this baby is on the way!


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