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Weeks 27 & 28
~ Moving

The last two weeks have been filled with moving our family into a new apartment and getting settled. I sent the hubby off to Ecuador to host a big conference while the kids and I packed up to move to California.

Before leaving Alabama, my sister-in-law gave us a TON of baby gear and clothes that she had saved from her little one. We were SO excited about this. Of course, the task of getting it all across the country was a little interesting. Fortunately, since we travel a lot we have perks with Delta and we always get to check two bags per person for free. We ended up paying $25 per bag for a third bag per person. I also checked a car seat on top of all of that luggage for free. When reviewing Delta's website about their policy on checking car seats and strollers it NEVER stated that the infant had to be traveling in order to check these items. I called them and the guy confirmed that there was no clear ruling. When I was at the gate to check in, the lady was not too happy with all our baggage and when I presented the car seat, she asked me if the infant was traveling, but when I told her the Delta phone rep said it was fine, she gave me no further troubles. So... this pregnant mama and two 12-year-olds, headed across the country with nine checked bags, one checked car seat (in a protective bag) and two carry on bags. ~whew!~

We arrived in Los Angeles, and a friend met us to transport us and our army of luggage. I was in full-on nesting mode so even with the fatigue of jet lag and early morning traveling, I was ready to get busy! We are grateful for the missionary housing (fully furnished) offered to us, but it is a small city apartment. After being used to having a spacious house in Ecuador, we are now crammed into a small, two bedroom apartment. So my goal for this was to make everything SUPER organized so that we don't spend all day tripping over junk everywhere. And, of course, in typical nesting fashion, I wanted it to all happen IMMEDIATELY! lol

So a fellow seminary student of Bobby's helped us move big bulky furniture out and replace it with better options for organizing and space saving. I think I worked poor Nathan to death that day! We found some amazing loft beds at IKEA so that the twins can have a desk (for homeschool) underneath their beds. To have all that organized in their one little room is an amazing feat. Also, at IKEA (my new favorite store), we found hanging closet organizers for dirt cheap. I added a second hanging rod to their closet (really easy rod found at Target) and left both kids with one portion of the closet as the hanging shelves and another for actual hung clothing. I did the same in our bedroom, making space for our clothing as well as the baby's. Just call me the super space saving gal.

So with the dresser and all furniture other than the bed out of our bedroom, we should have space for adding in a baby bed. I found what I think I want online that is a nice bed with attached changing table (in space saving fashion). I have gone round and round over whether to just purchase the small travel size Pack 'n Play or to go full crib. While the Pack 'n Play would take up less space, I know the baby can't sleep in it all the time forever so I am opting for the bed. Also, the missionary housing will pay for the bed since it is something they can reuse with other families (nice).

It will be interesting to have the baby in our room. With the twins, they were always in their own space. I prefer the parenting style where a little bit of crying it out is OK as opposed to jumping to the child at every whimper. I can't help but wonder how being in the same room with the crying might challenge my theory.

Finally, we are all settled, deep into homeschooling and Bobby has even returned from Ecuador to join us. We are now - at least for a few months - Californians.


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