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Week 29
~ To VBAC or Not?

I went for a visit with my new doctor in California. This wasn't an ultrasound visit because they want to wait a couple more weeks before checking on the cysts again. But it was our "long talk" visit about birth planning, etc. with this doctor.

First, let me say I LOVE this doctor!!! Dr. Park at Fair Oaks Women's Center (Pasadena) is so great! Their practice seems to combine technology with personal touch. It is amazing that I can email my doctor and get a personal response within hours. That is so different than going through the chain of receptionists and nurses that I am used to. I also love that they don't seem to keep the patient in the dark at all, but rather allow you to be a part of the decision process. I am very comfortable with this doctor.

Dr. Park seems to think that a VBAC might be worth trying. She wants to see the records from my previous c-section first and view the next ultrasound, but she seems optimistic. That is different from what I have heard from both the doctor in Alabama and in Ecuador (where they don't even attempt that). The doctor in Alabama said that given my short height and propensity to have big babies (the twins were both 7 1/2 pounds) that it was very likely a VBAC attempt would end up in C-section anyway.

I am very interested in the possibility of attempting a VBAC, but nervous at the same time. Obviously, a planned birth takes a lot of the anxiety out of the equation. But, then there are so many benefits to a vaginal birth. Another consideration is that I want to have my mom here, but she has to fly in from Alabama. So that brings in the question of when to book a flight. And then one more complication... two weeks after my due date, Bobby is scheduled on a trip out of the country. So what happens if the baby doesn't want to come out on time? hmmm.... so many factors .... I guess we will just wait and see what the next ultrasound shows and what the doctor continues to recommend.


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