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Week 30
~ Aches

I guess all of my joints are relaxing and expanding in preparation for birth because I feel sore all over. ESPECIALLY sore is the hip and groin area. It feels like the same soreness after you workout for the first time in a long time. So this is making me have the pregnant lady walk ... or as my husband called it, waddling! lol

I can tell Baby J is getting cramped in his quarters because he is poking little body parts out everywhere. It is really cute. I love how with just one baby (as opposed to twins) you can tell much better which part is where. He still gets the most active when I lie down. The other night, I was sure he was doing ninja moves in there as I was trying to go to sleep. He keeps switching from being vertical to transverse. I think he likes transverse better. But for now, he is still all over the place.

We have been doing more to get the apartment ready for baby. We moved out some big furniture to make space in our small bedroom for a crib. The crib is now here, but not put together yet. I ordered it and had it delivered to the local JC Penney. When I went to pick it up, Jordan was with me. As the guy was working to put all the pieces of our car, Jordan said, "Mom, when did you buy bar stools?". I don't even remember this conversation, but she says, I said they must have just put it in a box saying that. Well, when we got it home, one of the boxes of crib parts, is instead a set of bar stools. haha! I guess we'll blame that on preggo scatterbrain syndrome. So now, I get to go back to the store.

It's getting real, people! Little man is coming.


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