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Weeks 31 & 32
~ Great Ultrasound

Baby J's corner of the worldThe latest ultrasound shows NO SIGN OF CYSTS on the brain!!! yay!! We are so thankful for this great report. Of course, the doctors are still monitoring everything closely to make sure there is no other underlying situation, but for now, it looks ALL GOOD!

Sweet Baby J also measured at weighing 5 pounds, which puts him on his way to being a BIG boy! But I'm not surprised. The twins were both around 7 1/2 pounds so I guess I grow 'em big. His head measures bigger than the rest of him. It is not abnormally large, but just means he has a big head. That also puts him just like his brother and sister. Combining all of those factors with the others, makes my chances at a successful VBAC look really slim. We are leaning toward scheduling the c-section, but are still undecided.

We got the bed all put together and washed all of the clothes and items we have received. This kid has TONS of towels and wash cloths . . . more than the rest of the family put together. He has lots of onesies and pj's but no real outfits. I guess that is appropriate for those first few months. But it is now all washed and ready to go.

We went on a tour of the hospital where we will give birth. I guess it's normal for a big city like Pasadena, but there were over 200 people there for this tour! Of course, we split into smaller groups. It was nice to see where everything is and get to know their policies. That definitely puts my mind at rest some. I'm a planner and I like to know what to expect.

It's finally puffy time. I have had small bouts with swollen ankles so far, but now it has become a daily battle. If I am on the go a lot and don't drink enough water, it shows up FAST with my big fat cankles! lol So I have to be really wary of that and try to stay close to bathrooms so I can drink enough water. lol

Photo caption: James' little corner of the world. And YES, the black and what you see is the edge of OUR bed... it's tight quarters folks!


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