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Weeks 34 & 35
~ Waiting & Waddling

Week 34 was pretty uneventful. Just the same ole waiting, waddling, wondering. ) I am grateful for the LACK of drama so I'm not complaining at all. I did pack some hospital bags and made a list of things to grab at the last minute or pack as time gets closer.

Oh, and I also did our taxes (exciting stuff!). I was a real procrastinator last year about logging expense receipts, etc. so it was a pretty big task. It feels REALLY good to have that off my mind now and I even caught up for this year so NO MORE PROCRASTINATING about that (we'll see).

Week 35 brought with it serious hip soreness. Looking at other journalists, this seems to be a magic week for that to happen. Whenever I get up from sitting or lying down, I feel for a moment like I'm not going to be able to walk. Once I take a few steps and *warm up* it gets better, but those first few steps are not fun.

I am grateful for the energy that I have to keep going as taxi mom. The church we attend here in California is a 45 minute drive from our missionary housing. Add in Los Angeles traffic and the drive time is pretty yucky. But Jonathan & Jordan are very involved in the youth programs at church so I am making the drive two afternoons per week to get them to their events. Driving is getting a little difficult though as the belly is always in the way. I have pushed the seat back so far that I am driving with the tippy toes and have now raised the steering wheel higher to allow more breathing room. I wonder if I will be able to keep driving up to delivery or not.

The hubby had to take another trip out of the country. This time, he went to Panama. Fortunately it was only a five day trip so he got back quickly. During that whole time, I was extra careful with exertion because I was a little afraid I would go into labor while he was gone. Fortunately, there is no more traveling for him until after baby arrives.

Warning... TMI subject... I know that it is normal for there to be in increase in discharge at this stage, but what I experienced for the last few days is more watery than I would expect. I am beginning to get a little bit concerned as the color is also darkening to where it looks a little like spilled tea. From Googling, I am wondering if I have a leak of amniotic fluid which I assume would mean immediate c-section since I can't be induced with a VBAC. It isn't a LOT when you think in terms of water breaking so I may be over analyzing. Fortunately my doctor visit is tomorrow so we will see what she has to say.


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