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Week 36
~ Birthdate . . . April 20

Naturally, after three days of the symptom and beginning to wonder if I was leaking amniotic fluid, the day I go to the doctor? NO LEAKAGE! LOL I explained the watery discharge to the doctor and she felt it was suspicious and sounded abnormal. She did a couple of tests, checked my cervix and found no sign of amniotic fluid. The ultrasound showed that the baby has plenty of fluid so all is good. She said it could have been a small leak that sealed itself off somehow (or I could just be WRONG - but she didn't SAY that of course).

We talked more in depth about the VBAC decision at this visit. After examining the records of my first c-section and looking really good at this BIG baby that's on its way, her recommendation was to go with c-section. She is supportive if I insist on trying VBAC, but her experience leads her to believe that I will end up with an emergency c-section anyway. The last thing I want is to elect for surgery unnecessarily, but I have to agree with her logic here. So we have scheduled for the baby to arrive on April 20!!! I know there are plenty of moms out there who will be upset with my decision and argue that I should give it a try, but I think for me, the risk factors outweigh the benefit of VBAC.

I am officially having insomnia now! I feel like a baby who has their days and nights mixed up. I can fall asleep in the daytime so easily but come night-time, I am wide awake - even when I FEEL tired. If I do manage to fall asleep and something wakes me up a couple hours later (like having to PEE), I am then awake for at least two more hours. So I guess these days, the sleep is coming more in small naps than anything.

I turned 38 yesterday. I really do NOT like that number because I don't FEEL 38! So, I'm just going to let it be its number and focus on how I feel . For my birthday present, I get to spend a few days with my mom. She arrives tonight and will stay for three days. I am excited to see her and share some pre-baby time with her. The next time we see each other will be just a few hours before baby arrives and life will change FAST after that.


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