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Week 37
~ S L O W I N G Down

It was nice to have my mom visiting this week in honor of my birthday. It was a short visit because she will be back for the birth, but I enjoyed getting to spend time just relaxing with her. I am glad she got to see me waddle around and feel the baby kick... just the little things. When she comes back, it will be the night before the c-section so there won't be much time for that.

My activity is S L O W I N G down now. I haven't experienced any burst of nesting energy. I guess I used that all up when we had to change course and stay in California for the birth, setting up an apartment, etc. I am still playing taxi mom and buying groceries, but not much more than that.

The swelling has officially arrived. I had previously avoided it - or at least done much better at it than with my first pregnancy. But the ankles are HUGE now whenever I'm on my feet for two hours or so. I would say it is still much better than my first time around when I had to borrow shoes from my cousin because I couldn't fit in ANY of mine! I did develop pre-eclampsia with my first pregnancy, so I'm very cautious and watchful for those signs this time around. So far, the blood pressure is all good.

Sleeping at night is no longer much fun. My hips are hurting a lot. I think it is more the sciatic pain now because it is concentrated on one side and sharper. Getting up out of the bed, makes me feel like a REALLY old woman. hehehe Oddly, I seem to feel better lying ON the same side as the pain which is contrary to what most people I've read about experience. Whatever works, I suppose.

Our church here in California, gave us a baby shower. It was much fun and we got lots of adorable things. The kid now has some outfits other than PJ's for his first few weeks. Courtesy of my daughter, I had to wear the "New Mom" tiara. She had too much fun with that. In all of the photos I look exhausted. I didn't think I felt that bad but the bags under my eyes say differently. lol

At this week's doctor visit, I was only fingertip dilated and 50% effaced so all is on pace I suppose. It won't be long now!


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