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Week 6
~ Oh no! A brown spot!

This is the week my troubles began with the last pregnancy. And to affirm my fears, on the morning of week 6 (which was when I first spotted before), I awoke to a small brown spot on the undies. I immediately went to the worst possible scenario and prepared myself for the dream of having another child to be gone. But as the days went on, I realized that was likely just a product of a little over-activity the night before and things really were OK.

I'm feeling fairly normal this week. A little light nausea and wanting to take naps. My strongest symptom is still the sore boobs.

Fortunately, we still have a LOT of activities with getting settled in the new house to keep my mind occupied. We have only told our parents so far. We don't want to tell the kids until we are further along because it was so hard on them to lose the baby last time. They are both SO eager to have a baby brother or sister. They were so sweet and caring with me before. It really broke their hearts to lose the baby. I sure hope none of us have to go through that again.


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