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Week 7
~ Let's see what the doc says

ultrasoundWeek 7 has arrived and I am experiencing light nausea (yes, I'm one of the lucky ones who doesn't really barf with pregnancy - even with the twins - don't shoot me please). Of course, the nausea is exciting to me because I know that means my progesterone levels are rising and giving "stick-a-bility" to my little one. I called to meet with the doctor to check everything out. I had intentionally waited until later before calling the doctor because in my mind, if I made it to 7 weeks (the time they estimate the previous baby died), then I would be looking at a REAL possibility.

The doctor we chose came recommended by another missionary friend who had a baby here in Ecuador. He is in the capital city and is more expensive which typically means better qualified - but you can NEVER be too careful in this country. We went to his office - which is a house converted into office space. His wife wrote down my info on a blank sheet of paper (no forms) and then ushered us into his office. Here, we talked and then he sent me to the adjoining bathroom to undress and then onto the table which is right in his office. After the physical exam, I walked (in my gown!) across the hall to have the vaginal ultrasound. The doctor performed the scan himself WITH THE DOOR OPEN! (This is a WHOLE different ballgame than practices in the US.)

UltrasoundWe finally saw the sweet little bean with his heart beating beautifully and measuring right where it should for 7 weeks 3 days! Yay!!! We could even see the cord. That was SUCH a relief because with the previous pregnancy, everything measured smaller than it should from the very first scan at 5 weeks. Whew!!! Finally, I can get excited and really dream about this sweet little one!

Even with how different the doctor's office is compared to the big practices in the US, I feel confident with this doctor that he is up-to-date on technology and is well experienced. It will be quite the experience though, having a baby in a developing country!

He recommends doing a c-section because that's what I had with the twins. I had thought that since it has been 12 years since then, that my uterus would be healed nicely and be sturdy enough to attempt VBAC. He said that due to my age, it actually increases the risk of uterine rupture after c-section. So we will see. I have to do my research for sure and make an informed opinion. I am all for reduced risk, but I was really hoping for a vaginal birth this time.


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