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Week 8
~ Suspicious Kid

I'm still feeling pretty good overall. The nausea is more frequent, but thankfully no puking. I have been sooo sleepy this week. We were in chapel service at the seminary and I literally dosed off!! lol

I talked to the doc to get the results of my blood work. I just called him right up and talked about it personally - no nurse screening calls, etc. My progesterone was 25 which is about mid-range for the 7 week mark so that was good news. Everything else wad good too. Yay!

I had an interesting "Ecuador" experience with getting my urine tested. The doctor wanted to test the first morning's urine so we didn't do this in the office last week. Apparently this is common because they sell the little cups in all the drug stores. So I filled the cup and took it to any lab of my choice. One hour and $5 later I had all the results myself that I then had to call and tell the doctor about it. It's just so funny to have this self-service lab thing. I could just see myself going in and ordering all sorts of tests just out of curiosity. lol

I really think my daughter is getting suspicious. Once she hugged me hard and before I could control it, I gasped for breath (sore boobs remember). This was a big thing with us in the last preggo. So the next time she hugged me, it was real gentle. She also was watching like a hawk when Bobby was keeping me from moving furniture. She hasn't said anything, but I'm pretty sure she knows something is up.

We got our dog back from the friends who kept her while we were traveling and she's preggers too!!! So I'm enjoying not being the only preggo in the house.


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