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Week 9
~ Exercise

Let's see . . . still having the nausea, still have majorly sore breasts . . . Really NOT a LOT to complain about, but I'm kinda getting impatient to get to the fun part . . . where I start FEELING the little guy!! I know, I know . . . The time will come and I should just be patient, but I've never been any good at that. Lol Really, I am grateful that I'm not hurling and majorly sick.

I have been exercising and trying to have a healthy pregnancy. I started out overweight (that's just who I am - I've accepted that - lol) but I want to be careful to NOT use pregnancy as a reason to go nuts on the food. My goal was to not gain at all in the first trimester, but I've gained 4 pounds. Either way, though, that's nothing like my first pregnancy where I gained 60 pounds in total. Granted it WAS twins who weighed 7.5 pounds each and their placentas each weighed around 8 pounds, but there was still a lot of excess.

I never worked out during my first pregnancy. I guess I was scared I would hurt the baby, and I was probably kinda lazy back then too. Thanks to my website, I received some great copies of pregnancy workout DVD's so I got to test them out. I really enjoy doing these videos (read more here). But also, I have been riding my recumbent bike. I'm not ready for a marathon or anything, but I try to do 30 minutes a day to keep the heart pumping. It does help me feel much better throughout the day.

We finally told the twins about the baby. They are SO excited! I was planning to wait until after my next ultrasound at 11 weeks, but hubby was in a good mood one day and just kinda blurted it out. ROFL They are going to have so much fun being big brother/big sister.

They had great fun laughing at me a couple days this week as I was STARVING! It was kinda weird because it was just for a couple days that I needed to eat double at mealtime - even double veggies which is SO NOT ME! Then it settled back down to "normal".

I also made a great show of hormonal emotions one day at the dinner table. My son was being a silly boy and a little inappropriate for the dinner table, but I could not stop laughing at him. I was like a little kid. Then, later, when his Dad sent him to his room for the behavior, I got so sad and teary because he was being punished when I contributed to the problem so I made him come back. The whole thing left my family looking at me like I'd lost my marbles, but we all had a good laugh about it.


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