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Week 14

14 weeks 2 days ~ Monday, 16 May 2011

I can't believe we're in the fourteenth week already. This pregnancy seems to be going super-fast and yet it still feels like yesterday that I went to the Early Pregnancy Unit fully convinced that I was about to be told I was miscarrying again. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would be carrying twins. Not for one moment did I suspect it.

The shock has pretty much worn off now but I do admit that I have to pinch myself sometimes. I only pinch myself in theory, not in practise, as I have a very low pain threshold. But I do pinch myself as if to make sure it's all true. Really? Are we really expecting twins? Two of them?! Oh yes we are!

My belly is popping.


14 weeks


That photo was taken on Saturday when I turned 14 weeks exactly.

I'm already feeling big. Much noticeably bigger than I was at this stage with all my previous pregnancies. Then again, all my previous pregnancies were singletons, so I expect that would have something to do with it.

I still wonder how big I'm going to end up. It will be... interesting, to say the least. And no doubt, terribly uncomfortable. Still, at least I'll be carrying the twins well through the pregnancy.

I'm still feeling very tired and it didn't help that I had a really stressful week last week. I'm not feeling sick though, instead wanting to eat anything and everything in sight. I'm going to end up the size of an elephant by the end of the month, I'm sure of it.

I am going to make an educated guess that Pringle sandwiches as a staple food during pregnancy probably isn't a wise nutritional choice. I have no excuse apart from the fact that they taste nice.

Perhaps I ought to publish my Twin Pregnancy Diary as a book once my pregnancy is over? It can be the everything-you-shouldn't-do-during-your-twin-pregnancy manual for expectant mothers. And then they can use it as a door-stop or to wedge under a wobbly table leg. Now there's a thought...

Week 14 ~ May 19, 2011
The top 10 twin pregnancy questions I've been asked so far

I've been getting lots of support through messages and emails sent to me which is always lovely. Curiosity is natural and so I've decided to compile a list of the top ten questions I have been asked most often along with my replies.

Here goes!

1. Has the shock worn off yet?
I'm less shocked than I was when I first found out but still finding it very hard to believe it's real sometimes. I flit between excitement to "Oh my goodness how am I going to do this?!" in an eighth of a second. I wouldn't have it any other way though and feel completely blessed.

2. Do twins run in your family?
There are no twins on my side but Mike's dad was a twin and we found out I was pregnant two days after his dad's funeral so find that a bit of a co-incidence!

3. Did you ever think you'd have/wish for twins?
I always liked the theory of twins but didn't think I could handle it in practice. Well look how things turned out! We'll soon be finding out how it goes in real life, God willing. I never expected that we would be blessed with them though.

4. Are they identical?
It seems that they are most likely non-identical.

5. Will you find out the sex of the babies?
No, we like to be surprised at the end.

6. What are you hoping for?
Having had six boys in a row I'm pretty used to sticking to boys now. Plus we don't expect to have a girl now anyway given our run of boys. I think it would be a complete shock to hear "It's a girl!" and I really don't think it's likely to happen anyway. It would be nice to have a boy/girl mix as the girls are desperately outnumbered and girls clothes are just so pretty, plus we could dress one in pink and one in blue and it'll make it easier to tell them apart! Two girls would be a complete shock but would also be nice to have, although we have no girl clothes at all. So in short, two boys, two girls or one of each would be fine by us!

7. When is your actual due date?
12th November 2011 but I think that full term for twins is 37 weeks which brings us into October (the 22nd to be precise, a day after my dad's birthday and two days before mine).

8. Why do you have to have another caesarean?
The last three pregnancies were c-sections, all but the third being emergencies due to fetal distress. I'm considered high risk anyway given the number of children I've had, add to that my thalassaemia trait (low iron and higher risk of haemorrage) plus the three previous c-sections and the hospital won't even consider anything but a c-section now.

9. How will you manage?
By the grace of God and the seat of our pants.

10. What do the other children think?
They are very excited and pregnancy takes far too long for them. The boys want twin boys, but they'll accept one of them being a girl. They're not happy at the thought of two girls.

And the bonus question...

11. Will these be these be the last?
We were thinking it would be a nice idea to make them the middle two children.


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