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19 Weeks 2 Days ~ June 20, 2011

19 weeksAnother week gone and another week further along. As the consultant will not let this pregnancy progress further than 38 weeks at the absolute most, this week marks the halfway point of this pregnancy. It feels like we've reached some kind of summit and are now on the descent to the finish line.

I still don't have my head entirely wrapped around the fact that we are expecting twins. I do wonder if it will hit me completely at any point during this pregnancy or if the realisation won't actually hit home until they are here together. Thinking about my previous c-sections and the feelings of anxiousness and then elation as they lifted the new baby out, and I can't believe that it's going to happen twice over in the space of minutes. At the moment it's a lot to take in!

The bump is continuing to feel heavier week by week. I tend to sleep on my left side and I have noticed that when I wake and try to move back over in order to get up, the weight has settled down to the left (gravity, I'm guessing, may play a part in this!) and I can feel it shifting back over as I move around. I look very pregnant now and am already slowing down a lot considering I still have a way to go. Bending down to pick things up off the floor is getting difficult, as are things like unloading the washing machine. By the end of the day I feel quite heavy and uncomfortable and am fidgeting about trying to find a comfy position to sit in. I can only imagine how I am going to feel in a few more weeks. I think it's only a short matter of time before I make the move and invest in a supportive pregnancy pillow to try and get a little respite from the weight.

According to Babycentre's My Pregnancy Today app the babies each weigh around 240g and measure more than 15cm from crown to rump with arms and legs in proportion to the rest of their body. The movements are getting more prominent now, with me feeling Twin 2 moving around far more than Twin 1. Also, when listening in to them with the doppler I now normally manage to pick up Twin 2 fairly easily and the heartbeat is very clear, whereas Twin 1 is much harder to find and its heartbeat sounds more distant. It's there and I can track it for all of three or four seconds before the baby moves about again and hides, but it just sounds further. I wonder if the placenta may be in front of Twin 1 or it is just lying very differently. No matter, in the last day or so I have felt Twin 1 a little more. Soon enough they'll be big enough that I won't be able to make out who is moving as they'll be in each others space. I wonder if they know that the other is there yet, though?

At the beginning of this post is the belly pic from Saturday when I turned 19 weeks exactly, just in case you hadn't noticed. What do you think? Do I look pregnant yet?


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