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20 Weeks 2 Days ~ June 27, 2011

20 weeksPregnancy seems to be made up of many smaller milestones. The first twelve weeks marks the point of the first countdown where the risk of miscarriage drops so that is normally the first. Then we wait to show, wait for the kicks, wait to hear the heartbeat. I don't know what is so significant about reaching the twenty week mark. Possibly because it's the normal halfway mark for a pregnancy, I suppose. Even though I won't be going past 38 weeks so I am actually past the halfway point. Either way, it seems like another milestone has been reached even though I'm not quite sure why.

No, I never have made much sense.

Anyway. An update. Night times are starting to get a little more uncomfortable week on week. I am still wondering whether a pregnancy body pillow is a worthwhile investment to make and if so, which is the best one? Does anyone have any recommendations? The heartburn is increasing causing me to need to keep a constant supply of antacid tablets within easy reach and now I'm waking up with the beginnings of carpal tunnel in my hands. The second half of this pregnancy is going to be interesting to say the least!

My belly continues to feel heavier and I'm feeling more like a galumphing elephant already. I am not sure how much weight I have gained so far but I'm sure it is quite an amount. I may check and share it with you. Then again I may not. We will see about that.

According to the Babycentre App each baby now weighs approximately 300g and measures more than 16cm from crown to rump. I am feeling the movements more now and they're getting stronger and more noticeable every day.

This week is one of excitement and apprehension for me. Excitement because we have a 4d scan booked this weekend. I am looking forward to that as it was such a magical experience when we had it with Joseph. We were in awe as he was trying to suck his thumb and while we watched all his facial expressions changing from within the womb. The apprehension is because we have another anomaly scan coming up next week. I do not look forward to those and spend the days running up to them getting more and more anxious and worried. I always fear that the sonographers will find a problem and cannot relax until they give the baby the all clear. This time, of course, it's double the worry and there are a lot of prayers being sent up at the moment. I'm sure I can't be the only woman in the world who worries more than probably is necessary about these scans?

And this week's bump picture is at the top of the post. Do you think there is any change from last week? What's your verdict?


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