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23 Weeks 2 Days ~ July 18, 2011

23 weeksI don't know whether it's because I'm getting older and time seems to fly past more quickly than it used to anyway or because I'm just busier than I used to be but these last couple of pregnancies, and indeed this one in particular, seem to be going by in a flash.

I still remember the morning I found out I was pregnant again and it feels like only last week. I remember the fear when I saw that I had begun bleeding and I prepared myself for the worst. It wasn't the best start to a holiday that I can remember having. I remember, like it was yesterday, finding out that I was actually carrying two babies and not just one. The shock, although dampened now, still hasn't completely left and I still find myself in awe that this is really happening to us. To say we feel completely, overwhelmingly blessed is a complete understatement. We don't take for granted for one moment what we have. We know how lucky we are.

Now that the scans and checks have given me permission to relax slightly I've been able to truly enjoy this last week or so of pregnancy. It's now all about the plans. What needs to be bought, what needs to be done and what needs to be dealt with before it all starts getting too late on in the pregnancy and before I start getting much bigger.

The weight I am carrying is getting more and more noticeable week by week. I definitely feel much heavier, and now my back is beginning to feel the strain. By the end of the day my legs feel hot and heavy and finding a comfortable position to sit in is proving a little more difficult now. The sofa, being lower down, is more uncomfortable for me to settle on and I find I much prefer sitting higher up either on a dining chair or on my computer chair. It's getting harder for me to lift myself off the floor after having to change someone's nappy. Pretty soon I'm going to need to be hoisted up at this rate!

I'm also finding the tightenings continuing, especially after being active for a period of time. This is something I think I need to be aware of and to keep an eye on, especially as the pregnancy continues to progress.

The babies are making themselves well felt now. Rather than having to concentrate on feeling their movements I can now feel them without effort and we've even been able to see my belly move on a couple of occasions. I can't really distinguish one from the other, not being sure from day to day if they are still lying in the same positions or if they've moved about and settled themselves differently. I can feel that they're taking up more space and I find myself getting out of breath quicker, even with simple things like light housework or even just going up the stairs.

The Babycentre App tells me that each baby now weighs over half a kilo (just a little less than the weight I've gained *ahem*), and is about 29cm in length from head to foot. They can hear and their lungs are developing and readying themselves for breathing at birth.

I think that the next couple of weeks are going to be a time of planning and preparation. I really don't want to have too much left to do when I'm feeling too cumbersome to deal with anything. At the rate I'm going, it's not too far off.


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