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25 Weeks ~ July 31, 2011

25 weeksYet another week has passed and I have achieved nothing much in terms of preparing for the twins' arrival. Their clothes still remain in storage, unwashed and unsorted. Nothing is ready to be packed for the hospital and there is still plenty to be done organisation wise. I know it seems that I have ages to go but I'm noticing a week by week decrease in energy levels and I am sure that I need to get things done sooner rather than later, lest they end up not done at all. You can't really bring babies home with nothing to wear and nothing to sleep in.

On the positive side, I have ordered two new crib mattresses which I found at a reduced price. Really speaking, only one needed replacing (the one for the second hand crib we bought), but I decided that I'd replace both seeing as the last one given they were in the sale. We also collected the cot-bed that Mike's cousin kindly gave us and I've ordered two cotton wool pleats for the hospital bag. Every little thing I do counts, doesn't it?

Hopefully next weekend we'll be able to sort out our bedroom, take down the old cot and replace it with the cot-bed which the twins will share for the first few months. I still need to get the divider so they can each have one half of it, so I'll shop around for the best price on that this week. During the next week or so I'll be topping up our cloth nappies, replacing those that are too worn and unusable, and I'll also be ordering the triple height bunk bed.

I had an appointment with the midwife last week. I'm really not feeling very well connected with her. She's nice enough but I don't feel as comfortable with her as I have done in the past with previous midwives. It makes me feel uneasy. Nevertheless, everything was ok. Blood pressure was fine, babies sounding good and all in all nothing to worry about. She now wants to see me every two weeks.

I'm going through a little worry at the moment as I had a fall last night and landed on the left side of my bump. I'm feeling sore and upset still. I still think I'm able to rush around and obviously am not as light footed as I expect myself to be. The toy that I tripped over on the way to sorting out an argument didn't help either. I got the doppler out soon after the fall and heard both heartbeats which was reassuring. That little machine has provided me with so much reassurance and comfort over the years, I can't begin to describe. Anyway, I'm still a little sore and getting a bit of pain this morning so not really feeling my best.

As far as the babies are concerned, well they are meant to be measuring approximately 35cm from head to foot and weighing about 660g each. They are starting to lay down their fat stores now, and I would love to have another 4d scan just to see if they've changed at all from a month ago. That though, would be greedy and financially unwise, with everything else that we need to pay for first.


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