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26 Weeks ~ August 8, 2011

26 weeksIt is very strange to be feeling so big and heavy and yet know that you aren't actually due for another four months. Normally by this stage I'd be coming up to the last couple of months at least. I catch sight of myself in the mirror and think, "I can't possibly grow any more!" Then I realise, I will. Do you think I look bigger than last week? To me, it seems I have.

There do not seem to be any problems as a result of last week's fall, thankfully. I do think I am becoming clumsier. The less able I am to pick things up from the floor the more I drop things. My sense of balance is getting completely out of whack too. By the end of this pregnancy people are going to think I'm an alcoholic, such are the similarities.

My legs feel so heavy by the end of the day and it's getting harder to get myself comfortable. Always being the first to complain about the great British summertime and lack of it, I had a struggle one particular day last week when I had to admit that the heat combined with my bulk was just too much. It took me back to when I was pregnant with Caitlin. She was due in the second week of August, 1999. It was the hottest summer we had for a long time, or so it felt at least and I just could not get comfortable at all! I ended up sitting in a paddling pool filled with cold water in a top and Mike's pants (I had nothing else that fitted comfortably!). I also used to fill the bath up with cold water at two in the morning when I couldn't sleep and couldn't rest because of the heat. I'm hoping I don't end up having to do that again!

On the up-side, the babies are very active and seem to be doing well. We had a lot of use out of the doppler again last week, constantly trying to get the reassurance that the babies were ok after my fall. I love the pregnancy hobby of watching shapes form out of my belly when they start moving around. It amuses me no end!

According to the app, the babies now measure approximately 36cm from head to foot and each weigh around 760g. We have a growth scan in a couple of weeks so we should get a more accurate idea of their sizes and weights then. We still won't be finding out the genders though, tempting as it is sometimes!

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the midwife. I can't say I am especially looking forward to it even though I have no particular reason. I will probably update again later in the week.

26 weeks 4 days

Well, I am more than halfway through week 26 now. I'm feeling a lot like Eeyore at the moment. Big, heavy, and really very slow to get anywhere or do anything. The baby clothes have still to be brought out of storage, let alone washed and put away. The hospital bags are not even dragged out, let alone packed and the tiny baby nappies need to be dug out and given a wash to freshen them up. Maybe today I will achieve something from this list.


Yesterday I had an appointment with the midwife. Everything seems to be well. The babies are active with good, strong heartbeats. Both babies are lying head down at the moment and twin 2 seems to be lying back to back, in the midwife's opinion, which would explain why it's harder to find that the heartbeat of that baby when the other baby's heartbeat can be found almost immediately.

My belly is measuring the same as a 31 week singleton pregnancy. Out of curiosity I measured around my waist (although it isn't a waist any more. Do whales have waists?) and it is 44" all the way around. It has grown an inch and a half in two weeks. If it carries on growing at this rate, and if I get to 38 weeks, it works out that my waist will measure 53 inches around. Oh good golly!

Mind you, someone did email me earlier to say that she searched for the blog with the words "Larger Family Life" and it came up as "Find a large wife". That's not completely inaccurate then, is it?!


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