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Tanisha's Pregnancy Journal

~ Meet Tanisha

TanishaMy name is Tanisha, and I'm 26 years old. I have been with my significant other Wilfred (39) for 5 years. Of course he claims we'll get married one of these days but it's something were not rushing right now (thankfully). We have a four year old son Wilfred Jr. (we call him Willie for short). As far as family goes for Wilfred and I we come from different backgrounds - he has 5 other siblings and has always looked forward to having a family of his own, he's even had some practice helping out with his nieces and nephews. I'm on the opposite side - I grew up as an only child and having kids was the last thing on my mind.

We both had good relationships with our parents - he was blessed to have both his mother and father while growing up and his parents were married for over 20 years. His mother died over 10 years ago and his father passed away the same year I got pregnant with our son Willie. It was hard for Wilfred since he had a good relationship with his father but also because Willie was the only grandchild he never met. My mother passed away suddenly in November of 2005. My mother and I had a close relationship and until this day it still breaks my heart to not have her here physically. My mother had a learning disability and was unable to work so when her first and only grandchild was born she was really excited. She cared for Willie as if he was her own. My father was never around while growing up and I don't know anything about him. I'm not sure if he is dead or alive but if it is meant to be maybe I'll meet him someday - other than that he doesn't exist to me. We just tell our son he has three guardian angels watching over him. I just hope and pray each day that I can be a good parent to my children as my mother was to me.

I work full time as a claims associate. When I'm not working I try to spend time with my family as much as I can. I'm a published author of 6 inspirational poetry books with proceeds of a few to benefit the Nancy A. Herrin Foundation - a community support charitable trust public charity I founded in memory of my late mother Nancy. Hobbies I enjoy include photography, reading, writing, arts & crafts, and internet research just to name a few. I have done a lot of writing over the years which has helped me with my personal bouts with depression. I have made several attempts over the last few years at suicide. The last attempt was when my son was 1 year old. Thinking about him finding his mother dead on the floor at home all alone made me realize I needed help. I had been taking medication up until my second pregnancy. In trying to make a more positive lifestyle for myself I had to make a lot of adjustments - adjustments that I'm still working to improve. I have written poetry for years but recently started writing inspirational works. My mother had been through so much in her life and she was my biggest hero and inspiration - she always will be and that was how I got into doing inspirational writing.

Now we are looking forward to a new addition to the family and of course dad is wanting a little girl. I'm not big on wanting anything in particular except for a healthy baby. I have been very worried since I found out I was pregnant again because I was still taking medication until I saw my doctor and for a long time I didn't know I was pregnant. This particular medication was not recommended to take during pregnancy and I had to stop taking it. This pregnancy has already been different from the first and it has pretty much been the opposite. I don't feel much like eating, I've been really tired, and I'm always sick or having nausea all the time. It would be nice to have a girl - it would be a change of pace from the little monster boy we have now. All in all I'll just be thankful for healthy baby.

~ Tanisha

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