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Week 14
~ Nausea Anyone?

I have had nausea for the longest time, and I have never dealt with nausea of this status. Iím sick of being sick. I had a little nausea with my son but nothing like this Ė it didnít last this long either. I have been dealing with this mess for over a month now. Not to mention headaches, exhaustion, and not having the biggest appetite in the world. I feel like my poor little baby is being deprived of food; I just keep thinking to myself to keep trying to eat something. Everyday this week it has pretty much been the same story: going to the bathroom first thing in the morning and 10 other times throughout the day, having morning sickness morning, noon, night, and late-late night, and tiredness in between all this.

I have other projects that I have been working on except they have been coming along a bit slow since Iím trying to regain some energy. Another problem is sleeping Ė I think I could be getting too much sleep but I canít help but to feel exhausted. I may sleep about 7 or 8 hours at night and take like 2 or 3 naps during the day. Iíll have to work on trying to get some exercise time somewhere! Maybe that will help drive some energy. In the mean time Iíll be looking to get rid of this nausea Ė Iím just wondering when it will go away!

~ Tanisha

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