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Tanisha's Pregnancy Journal

Week 15
~ I Felt Popcorn in My Tummy!

This week the nausea was in full force as usual. There were times I felt so sick - so bad - I wanted to cry. I just can't believe how sick and crappy I feel. I have started showing and usually that is supposed to make you feel more "pretty" or "motherly" or whatever but I just feel fat and bloated and the toilet is still a very close friend of mine. I thought these trips were supposed to slow down? I have been trying to eat more and slowly that's getting better. I've just been having better luck eating stuff I normally don't eat like fish and lots of broccoli with melted butter (this actually sounds kind of good right now). I still have my stomach turning at most food smells and just looking at most foods period. I just have to keep forcing myself to eat more and snack more.

Besides riding the nausea train I had a surprise from the little one in the oven - I got a few kicks that felt like popcorn! It was during the evening on Monday when I came home from work. I usually rest on the couch for about an hour talking or playing with Willie. Well after laying down to watch T.V. all of the sudden I felt one popcorn kick and then a second one. It was pretty neat since I never felt movement like that before. With my first pregnancy my son's kicks were more like bubbles popping. After the popcorn kicks there was some squirming going on like a worm. If my mother was living she wouldn't have wanted me to refer to the baby in that way but I couldn't help it. It really did feel like a worm. Throughout the week I would feel some faint movements but very often throughout the day. But it was reassuring to know the baby is okay since I have been feeling very yucky lately. Even though the movements were somewhat faint it felt like they were playing in there or maybe just stretching out for a brief moment. Either way the early movements are pretty cool, and father-to-be was excited to hear about the baby moving; since then he'll ask me everyday if I felt the baby move.

Willie with the Cookie MonsterAt the end of the week, during the weekend, there was a baby expo downtown. You know how cool those things can be--getting in on all the free stuff like goodie bags and most importantly the useful information you collect that is really good for you and your family. So even though the event was a baby expo they had tables and exhibits for moms-to-be, dads, info for grandparents and things for young children like free books and stuff. I guess the organizers of the expo had the Guiness Book of World Records there to see if they could break a record for having the most pregnant women in one building. I wonder if the record was broken? They had free tote bags for the first 250 moms-to-be and yes I was thankful to be in that count. The bags were nice and they had good info inside such as other information sources for various subjects like breastfeeding, maternity massages, lotion samples, and more. Even the tote bag was nice and sturdy and can be used for all kinds of stuff to carry. It was kind of funny though seeing so many preggos waddling from table to table. Some mommies looked like they were ready to bust. It was a nice afternoon though learning about other resources that are available in the community where you can learn about birthing classes, breastfeeding classes, various hospitals that are in the area and their services, and of course I can't forget the special guest of the day who came to town - Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. Willie is a big fan of Elmo but he was skeptical of meeting a 6 foot Cookie Monster. When he found out how soft he was and what big hugs he was giving out he went over and introduced himself and sat with him for a few minutes.

Willie got to hang out with his monster friend and of course how can 2 monsters not get along? And baby spoke to mommy for the first time. All-in-all we had a good week.

~ Tanisha

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