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Week 16
~ Baby Communication

This week I still have plenty of nausea as it seems like it's not going anywhere anytime soon. I'm at a point were I have to force myself to eat since most foods turn me off. I can have a brief taste for something but if I don't get it when I want it the taste or craving goes away. I'm more worried about the baby in the oven simply because I don't eat very much - the vitamins seem like they get more nasty tasting by the day, and it doesn't help that I have to take two of those monstrosities a day. It's good that baby is getting nutrients and all but I think the baby should get more from real food--and that is a challenge I'm constantly working on.

Since I felt some of the first movements the baby's movements are getting stronger or they seem to last a little longer. I always call the movements "baby communication" or "the baby's talking out loud." Even though they may be moving at times when you can't feel them I think they actually communicate to you when you can feel them. Yeah sounds silly but that is my personal belief. Especially if you're eating or hear a loud noise. I think my baby has been moving when they hear their soon-to-be big brother acting like Tarzan bouncing around in the living room. Willie will come over and talk to or hug my stomach when he is in a good mood. When he doesn't get his way - watch out - you'll get caught up in a temper tantrum tidal wave! The baby may be beginning to see that as a form of entertainment- of course siblings usually like it when they're not the one getting in trouble.

Another time I noticed the baby talking was when I was preparing candy bags for an upcoming trick-or-treat happy hour my mother's foundation will host for the kids in the community. The foundation has purchased about 45 to 50 pounds of candy and has been working to make treat bags to give out. The treat bags have candy, toys, and info brochures. Now of course you're going to have a lot of noise with 50 pounds of candy like wrappers and little toys that happen to be noise makers. Willie thought he was having a field day with the load of candy he was feasting his eyes on. I told him that he would be helping mommy and daddy pass out the candy. At first he wasn't too hip to the idea of giving anything to anyone. But now he's looking forward to it. He asked if the baby was going to have candy and of course the baby was already squirming and popping around. I hadn't felt much movement that day till then and I think the baby got either excited in a good way or maybe was just lounging and got disturbed. I told Willie the baby may have a little candy if mommy has the taste and the will to give them some (lol). Personally I was getting sick; I have never had this much candy in my house ever and the worst part is I still had to get more candy. Over 50 treat bags were made and I'm anticipating at least 100 kids.

I sat down on the couch to rest after stuffing those bags and I guess baby was up for playing. There was all kinds of little activity going on - I guess they were wondering why it got so quiet. The baby tends to move usually when I sit down and try to relax. Besides hearing big brother's mouth and candy wrappers, I think the baby is starting to get used to daddy's snoring. If I wake up in the middle of the night in need to go to the bathroom or I may be feeling warm I usually have to change my position. Daddy of course is snoring and I usually have to hit him with a pillow to shut up. He'll go back snoring and I can feel the baby moving for a few seconds. Dad's snoring isn't the most pleasant sound but he has been doing it pretty often. The baby will end up eventually getting used to it since they will sleep with us after baby arrives. Of course I don't know if baby will put up with that noise; I'll have to see on that one.

~ Tanisha

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