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Week 17
~ The Numbers Game

This week I had a doctor's appointment. This visit I had blood work done and we listed to the baby's heart. The baby has a nice strong heart beat which was good to know. But then I started getting confused with the new numbers. Supposedly going from my last menstrual period I should be around 16 weeks. The first ultrasound I had at 13 weeks the baby was measuring about a week ahead. Well at this appointment the doctor mentioned I should be 16 from the LMP. The baby is measuring about 17 weeks, and then he tells me my uterus is measuring 18 weeks. Say what?

Sounds like the baby and my uterus are trying to get things done ASAP. The doctor insisted on keeping the due date for 4/4/09. I'm thinking this baby will be born before then - maybe in March. I don't know. I didn't have all these number issues with my first pregnancy. My measurements and dates were right on and the little monster was born just 2 days before his due date. The baby has been somewhat quiet this week - movement wise. I guess they were just relaxing. I would feel some little bubbles every now and then when I ate or while resting on the couch. The baby was moving quite a bit after I left the doctor's office. I think they got disturbed when the doctor was measuring my stomach and using the Doppler to pick up the heart.

Other than that it has been a quiet week. I have been busy doing several projects and baby is probably getting used to the fast pace. I have been trying to eat more which is slowly helping. I still get nausea often along with headaches, stomach aches, and other aches. I can't believe how crappy I have been feeling and for how long. This is literally getting depressing. I still have days were I don't want to eat or don't get hungry. I think I have been eating sweets and junk more than anything which is the complete opposite from the first pregnancy. I just nibble or candy or chips here and there. With my first pregnancy I didn't want sweets of any kind- no cake-cookies- or junk food. I wanted 3 meals plus 2 or 3 snacks between them. Now I can't even eat a good snack or a full meal. I used to go to McDonalds or Burger King and get one of those value meals and eat the whole thing with no problem. Now I get a small meal and I can't even finish it. I keep saying that I'll eat better eventually- it just seems like it's going to take longer to reach that goal every passing day.

~ Tanisha

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