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Tanisha's Pregnancy Journal

Week 18
~ Baby on the Move

This week I have notice the baby's movements are getting stronger. It's a relief every time I feel little bubbles popping and kicks and squirms. I still haven't been eating as well as I should and I'm forcing myself to eat which is getting frustrating. My stomach can start growling but I'm not hungry at all. Then the baby starts wiggling around so I figure the baby must want something to eat. The baby seems to be moving pretty good when I eat or if I'm in a good mood.

I have also noticed the movements tend to be softer with this baby then with my son. My son was all over place and had good firm kicks and punches (which he still has). This baby just tends to be on the relaxed side. It may be a little early to be tracking or counting movements but I can tell the baby is getting stronger by the day. The baby also likes to dance on my bladder. It seems like that's when I realize I have to go to the bathroom. If I'm in the middle of doing something depending on my position, the baby could actually be stretching out on my bladder or at least stretching a body part like their leg or arm briefly.

I have also noticed some mild weak contractions. I think I have actually been having them earlier in this pregnancy then my first one.

Willie is becoming more accustomed to being a big brother. Lately he will place a small stuffed animal or two on my stomach as his way of sharing with the baby. If he is playing in his room he may bring over his stuffed dog to lay with the baby. I guess he didn't want the baby napping or playing alone. The baby also has starting moving to certain toy sounds like a bell ringing from a toy phone, horn sounds from an electronic car, and of course big brother.

I'm slowly getting anxious about the baby's sex. I think I don't want to give my hopes up or get too upset if it's not a girl. Most people I know are already calling the baby "she." After feeling more and more of the movements you can't help but wonder what they look like while they're playing and floating around in there.

In the mean time I'll enjoy being on standby feeling the baby talking and communicating while still trying to get myself to eat more, eat better, and just eat.

~ Tanisha

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