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Week 20
~ Feeling a Little Better

This week I can say that I have started feeling a little better. I still get very tired from time to time and I have been trying to improve my eating by eating more veggies and fruits. I have been feeling more aches and pains. My stomach and legs get aches often but not enough to keep me from getting things done. I have noticed that I had to start scaling back on other things that I used to do only because it's making me out of breath more. Like taking the stairs at work--I usually take them everyday but since I'm getting bigger I tend to go up them slower than usual. I may still use the stairs a few days a week though for exercise. I had to cut back on cleaning too (that's no problem with me). Will has been good at doing dishes, laundry, and vacuuming. Even Willie has been helping when he feels like it, of course with smaller chores.

I notice too that by the end of the day I feel literally exhausted. I get up in the morning and go on about my usual daily activities and when I come home I have to crash on the couch (or make another trip to the potty then crash the couch). I may get a cat nap in during the day but then when I come home I feel I need another one. Will goes to work in the evening so I have our little monster to myself for a few hours. The baby starts moving usually when Willie is talking or playing with a noise making toy. If I feel like cooking something the baby does kick a few times--probably wondering when they are going to eat too!

This week I also had a check up with the doctor. All he did was check the baby's heart rate, measure my stomach and review over blood work/lab results. Everything was fine. I was upset to learn that I had to wait another four weeks before finding out the sex of the baby. This wait is killing me and all I can do I guess is to stay busy and try to have my mind on something else. It's almost like waiting for Christmas to come since I do go back to the doctor the week before. Hopefully when we go back we'll be able to tell who's in there.

~ Tanisha

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