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Week 21
~ Weather Worries

This month the weather has been crazy in northeastern Ohio. It's warm one minute and cold the next which makes me even more vulnerable to getting sick or catching someone's cold and germs. I have already been really sick earlier in this pregnancy at around 10 weeks. I wasn't eating much, exhausted, had a constant runny nose, and coughing and sneezing that I didn't think would ever go away. It was awful. I didn't take anything in fear of the baby reacting to the medicine so all I could do was to keep blowing my nose and drinking lots of fluids.

Since were going into the winter months I'm starting to realize a lot of things that I would normally do I really have to be more careful and move slower as a precaution. I'm already waddling which keeps me from power walking as fast as I used to. So when it snows I really have to watch for black ice and since it snows in Ohio often especially near the lake I have to be more careful. Luckily I can still see my feet; they are slowly starting to disappear thanks to my growing belly.

We have had some snow this season and usually Will is good at cleaning off the car and trying to make a clear pathway for me to walk. When it comes to driving in the snow, sleet, and rain mix I try to stay calm. When I was pregnant with my son I did crash the car into a fire hydrant when the roads were bad. Will was really sick at the time and he was staying over at his sister's house since he didn't want to spread his germs to me and the baby. I couldn't get anyone to drive me so I had to drive at the time. Will does drive when the roads are bad but I drive as well--just not as often.

So with the winter weather coming in to an extent I'm not looking forward to it. My chances have increased on getting sick, slipping and falling, and panicking on slick roads. On the good side I can shop for some new clothes since baby is forcing mommy out of her current ones. Since it's the season to shop maybe I'll get lucky and find some bargains. Also I'll get to drink more hot cocoa. The baby seems to enjoy it when I drink it--that and anything else that comes down there.

~ Tanisha

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