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Week 22
~ The Music Lover

This week I've been noticing the baby moving to music more. Of course with Christmas around the corner you hear a lot of Christmas music. I think they like more of the jazz and slower type music. The baby tends to get a little excited when hearing kids singing and playing--either on television or in person. I think the curiosity is growing. I have been watching a few Christmas specials on T.V. with Willie and I think the baby liked Rudolph best. I guess it was the music and myself singing along with the tunes. Overall I think the baby is becoming more aware of sounds outside the womb.

Some sounds I know the baby is used to by now like the typing on the keyboard since I do it everyday, various music like the car radio and television sounds, and Willie's toys. Willie will purposely make sounds with his toys since he knows the baby is reacting to them. He'll then feel for the baby to kick him and if the baby doesn't kick he'll trying starting a conversation with them. It's kind of funny and a little weird at the same time.

All in all the baby has been getting some good exercise moving and grooving to music. In some ways this is helping me to eat more since baby is racking up more energy. I still don't have an idea or instinct as to if this baby is a boy or girl. I still have nausea every now and then. I haven't had a week go by without feeling sick at least a day, but I think the nausea is slowly trying to go away with more rest and drinking more water. Now I'm feeling like the demand is on the rise to keep food and fluids on hand for energy. Some days the baby has more energy than I do so I really have to bulk up now (LOL).

~ Tanisha

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