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Week 24
~ A Miniature Doll

After weeks of wondering who has been making a new home in my tummy this week we finally got to see baby again. The last time we saw the baby I was about 13 weeks and the baby was just itty bitty then. You could see their little parts but has time changed and gone by. Now we saw a different story.

It was great to see the baby and all their little parts and the heart beating. The bones were well defined and they were stretched out and the Doctor thought they looked comfy. It was interesting because they had their arms close to their body with little fists in each hand and their legs were completely stretched out. The baby looked like a miniature doll. And they were doing plenty of talking while being somewhat poked by the Doctor.

Everything was looking good and finally we zoomed in to see if the baby was a boy or a girl. For some time I was looking at what I thought was a penis. The baby was actually playing with the umbilical cord. The Doctor said he was sure he was looking at a girl! No boy parts-no testicles-no penis; just little girl parts. When the picture came clearer you actually could tell it was a girl. I remember seeing what my son looked like when we found out he was boy and it was really exciting, and at this moment I was just as excited. I did cry because it would have been a wonderful moment for my mother. She would have been so happy.

Even though I have been feeling like crap it good to see it is paying off. The Doctor did mention that my placenta seemed to still be pretty low and asked if I have had any bleeding or spotting. I haven't had any during the pregnancy so far. He mentioned it is still early and looked as if it was starting to shift upward so hopefully it will continue to do so. Just when I was in a good mood feeling great, all of the sudden felt like I needed to throw up--literally. Either on the steering wheel while driving to try to eat lunch or a snack nausea just hits me like a ton of bricks. This doesn't seem to phase the baby; she's been having a grand time kicking the crap out of me and being feisty from time to time.

Aside from that our miniature doll is a little girl!

~ Tanisha

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